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"I was created for the purpose of protecting the Scepter of Whispers and keeping it out of the hands of those it does not belong to.  As long as I still exist, I'm going to make sure that purpose is fulfilled." --Guardian

Type of character: Sonicverse

Name: Guardian (unofficial; officially unnamed)
Age: Unknown
Gender: M (but technically genderless)
Species: Felidae Statue (Mobian)

Guardian is a light brown stone statue modeled after a Mobian mountain lion.  His entire body is light brown, save for the pupils of his eyes, which are emerald green.  He also has several panels "tattooed" on his chest, back, wrists, and ankles; the panels are a darker brown, and the panels on his chest and back have painted yellow borders.  Every panel has a series of hieroglyphs etched on it; their meanings are unclear.

The panel on Guardian's back, right between his shoulders, has a fringed collar-like thing coming from it, starting at the top edge and hanging down.  The end of his tail is tipped with a dark brown dome resembling a rattlesnake's rattle.  When out and about, he also wears a black backpack with his travel essentials (a cell phone, paints for grooming, etc.) in it.

Guardian is a hard person to befriend.  He generally doesn't trust strangers, and tends to be hostile towards those who try to take what's his.  If he's sure your intentions are good, though, he's very friendly and willing to help.  He prefers to hide his animate status from the general public, but is willing to reveal it to individuals if he thinks they can keep a secret.

He loves to explore and learn new things.  He has a particular fondness for ancient temples and ruins, due to how they remind him of his old life.  He's willing to fight to the death for what he believes in, but knows when to cut and run.  He's fond of grooming himself, fixing up any scratches and so forth he accumulates.

Strength - As an animate stone statue, Guardian is fairly strong; he can hit hard with a punch, and is very difficult to scratch.  He's also just as agile as he'd be if he were organic.  He's actually a fairly skilled fighter.
Communion - When at any ancient ruin, regardless of origin, Guardian can enter a trance and communicate telepathically with the ruin itself.  He can learn about its origins, its purpose, its secrets, and even its recent visitors, and sometimes gain control of its traps and mechanisms.  The deeper into the ruin he is, the more detailed information he can gather and the better his control is.  Think of it as the non-technological version of hacking into a building's security system.

Guardian's existence began as one of two Mobian Felidae Guardians, built and enchanted to guard the Scepter of Whispers within a small temple hidden in the jungle.  For hundreds, maybe thousands of years, he and his "sister" remained dormant... until a group of raiders decided to storm the place.

Awakened, the two statues attempted to fight off the thieves and prevent them from looting the temple, but they'd brought firepower.  Seeing his "sister" literally blown to pieces by an explosive, Guardian realized he was vastly outmatched, and did the only thing he could to save both himself and the Scepter: he grabbed it and ran.

Over the next few weeks, Guardian traveled the world by whatever means he could, hoping to stay a step ahead of the robbers.  (It was during this period that he gave himself the name "Guardian".)  Even after the thieves seemed to give up their pursuit, Guardian continued to roam, knowing he couldn't go back to the temple.

Eventually, Guardian arrived in a city, where a misunderstanding or two resulted in him winding up at the local history museum.  There, he shared his story with the museum's curator, who offered to put the Scepter on display, promising him that their security was top-notch.

Guardian: "I don't trust you.  The only way you're putting the Scepter on display in your museum is if you put ME on display with it!"
Curator: "Hmmm... it's a deal!"
Guardian: "Wait, what?"

This arrangement turned out to be win-win: Guardian got a new home where he was surrounded by familiar objects and could continue to guard the Scepter without seeming conspicuous.  Meanwhile, the museum got not one but two new exhibits, one of which doubled as a fountain of historical information AND an additional security system.

He was all set to resume his inanimate existence... but couldn't.  He'd seen much more of the world than any other member of his kind would ever see, and had become fascinated by it.  So, with the museum's permission, he began making occasional excursions to different places around the world to explore and learn as much as he could.  Of course, he took the Scepter with him every time, and what he learned would often be of value to the museum.

Notes on the Scepter of Whispers:
As noted above, the Scepter of Whispers is what Guardian was originally created to protect.  It's a scepter about a meter long, with a shaft of pure gold ending at a frame containing a dodecahedron-shaped blue gem.

Guardian is heavily protective of the Scepter, never letting it out of his possession and unwilling to let anyone else so much as touch it.  It's unclear whether or not it grants its wielder any powers of its own.

Misc. info:
Guardian's tail is prehensile.  He's been known to hold the Scepter with his tail when he needs both hands free.

He is immune to hunger, thirst, and sickness, but not fatigue.  He sleeps by returning to his inanimate state, typically clutching the Scepter tightly; he prefers simple poses to complicated ones.

Despite his sheltered upbringing, he has no trouble with English, and doesn't struggle very much with modern technology.

The Felidae Statue was a concept created by ~lizardman22 and ~RANDOMNESS123212.  The idea to create a Mobian interpretation of it was mine.
A gift for ~lizardman22. He's done a lot of requests involving designing Mobian interpretations of species I've created, so I thought I'd return the favor.

I've been doing a lot for other people lately... I think it's because I'm out of ideas for things to do for myself.

Information on the Felidae Statue

Guardian, Felidae Statue concept :iconlizardman22:
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