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Alright, I suppose it can't hurt to get back into the practice of writing these critique things. Let's see now. The composition of this...

Something about this is different from the style I'm used to seeing from you. Maybe it's the outlines, maybe it's not. But I sort of li...

This is... I'm not a fan of gore, but I can't let this go without comment. Vision: I can't say much about this because I'm not sure wha...

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Short Story (normal)
Self-explanatory.  Tell me exactly what you want, and you'll get it.  I'll write about just about anything, but be prepared to supply any reference materials I request.
Short Story (blind)
Like the normal Short Story commission, but with a twist: you're not allowed to specify a single detail about what you want.  I'll just do something I think you'll like.
Short Story (semi-blind)
The median between normal and blind.  You're allowed to specify one or two details-- the main character, or the theme, or perhaps even the title-- but that's it.
Got a fictional 'verse you're proud of, but that could use one or two more characters?  I'd be happy to make a character for it!  (Pictoral references not available; textual profiles only.)
Snow was falling this morning, and still is.  Before I could go to school, I had to spend ten minutes dusting the snow off the car and scraping the ice off the windshield.  Then I had to drive along snow-covered roads, in a car with no snow tires, before getting to a more public area where the roads weren't white.  I consider myself lucky nobody was around when I skidded through that stop sign at the end of a downhill slope.

Once on campus, I had to walk up and down sidewalks covered in slush, without boots (I hate wearing them anyways), having to wear padded gloves so my fingers wouldn't go numb, in order to get from place to place.

...Would someone please explain to me why there are people in the world who enjoy winter?
  • Mood: Depressed

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I changed my mind.  I don't think my Twitter feed would add anything worthwhile to my profile page.
Just saw an Advertisement bar on my messages page, even though I shouldn't get those because I have a premium membership.  Huh?
Snow was falling this morning, and still is.  Before I could go to school, I had to spend ten minutes dusting the snow off the car and scraping the ice off the windshield.  Then I had to drive along snow-covered roads, in a car with no snow tires, before getting to a more public area where the roads weren't white.  I consider myself lucky nobody was around when I skidded through that stop sign at the end of a downhill slope.

Once on campus, I had to walk up and down sidewalks covered in slush, without boots (I hate wearing them anyways), having to wear padded gloves so my fingers wouldn't go numb, in order to get from place to place.

...Would someone please explain to me why there are people in the world who enjoy winter?
  • Mood: Depressed
"Again and again I've been asked what my secret is for writing such award-winning fanfiction.  My answer's always the same: attention to detail.  Cross-reference everything with everything else, limit your assumptions, and gather as much information as possible about what you're writing about." --Xavier

Type of character: Sonicverse

Name: Xavier Screens (online alias XavierTheSavior)
Age: Early 20's
Gender: M
Species: Screen lizard (what's that?)
Occupation: Freelance writer (specializes in fanfiction)

Family and associates:
Cousin to Samara and Sadako Screens.  Single; not looking for a girlfriend.

Xavier's primary body color is pastel blue (around #AAAAFF in standard RRGGBB hexadecimal); his "snout" and underbelly are a darker blue.  His eyes are brown.  His proportions are normal for a Mobian.

He wears a plain white bandanna around his neck, and a digital watch with a black band around his left wrist.  He typically doesn't wear anything else.

Xavier is laid-back on the surface.  He never appears to be stressed out or worried, and knows when to take his time.  However, that relaxed surface hides a high concentration of meticulousness.  He can't call something done until he's verified every detail of it, and always makes sure to clean up after himself.  He's well-organized, and makes sure everything he needs is easily accessible to him as often as possible.

He is a little antisocial, and seldom leaves his apartment on his own-- but if someone comes to visit him, or invites him somewhere, he's very likely to accept.  He believes strongly in artistic integrity, and makes it a personal rule that established canon should not be altered, only expanded upon.

He's a fan of Sneezing Wolf Studios and all of their works, however popular or obscure.  He's just as likely to do his writing from inside his computer as from outside it (...I'll explain a bit further down), but tends to the latter when writing the first draft, and to the former when editing.

Unlike Samara and Sadako, he isn't that fond of honey-dipped chocolates; that much sweetness in such a dense, chewy package just rubs him the wrong way.  Honey-sweetened crackers, on the other hand...!

As a screen lizard, Xavier is capable of entering and exiting any computer or similar electronic device through its monitor, as well as traveling from one to another via the Internet.  He can also sizeshift, shrinking himself down to a few inches tall for particularly small screens-- but he can't get any larger than his "default size".

Somewhat more unique is Xavier's keen eye for detail.  He'll often be the first to notice when something is slightly off.  A plothole, a breach of character, a grammatical mistake-- nothing in any of those categories escapes him.  This couples nicely with a good memory for trivia and established "rules".

History: Nothing noteworthy

Misc. info:
Xavier's best-known project is Sneezing Wolf High, a series of short stories set in a high-school AU featuring the myriad characters created by Sneezing Wolf Studios (including Black and White, and Annabelle).

As one might expect, it isn't uncommon for him to load up an episode of a show he's writing about on his computer and then step into the episode itself in order to check a particular detail of it.  If he does, though, he takes care never to interfere with the plot of the episode, and once he's done he'll always rewind the episode to before he entered it, to erase all traces of his presence.

Despite writing about them on multiple occasions, Xavier doesn't appear to be aware that Black and White are roaming the "real world"-- or perhaps he just thinks the news made it up.  Even I'm not sure how he'd react if he found out the truth!

A lot of my characters are modeled after certain aspects of myself, but I think Xavier here holds a new record for being similar to me.
Fancharacter profile: Xavier
Yes, the fanfiction writer from Stealth Lizard now has a profile.  And I plan to do more with him in the future.

Xavier is © me
I have begun to suspect that I cannot actually take a joke.
The secret to eternal youth is...
The six-word limit on six-word stories can be quite prohibitive sometimes.  Sometimes you've got no choice but to leave things out.
Sneezing Wolf High - a high school AU by XavierTheSavior

Disclaimer: This is fanfiction.  The characters featured in this story are the property of Sneezing Wolf Studios.  I acknowledge this and therefore lay no claim to them.


Chapter 4: Doesn't Detention Just Drag On


Tick.  Tick.  Tick.  The relentless ticking of the clock on the wall of the detention room slowly bored its way into the minds of the students.

Black the dragon carefully and systematically ripped a page out of his notebook.  He folded and creased it, then folded it again, carefully transforming the page into a paper airplane.  His twin brother, White, slouched not-so-patiently at his desk at the other end of the room, seemingly aware of...

Sadako Screens turned her attention away from the lines of text that were appearing in the word processor window.  Xavier's fanfiction WAS rather entertaining to read, but the female screen lizard was here on a mission and that wasn't it.

Right on Xavier's desk, between the monitor and the keyboard of his desktop computer, sat a bowl of honey-dipped chocolates, a popular treat for screen lizards.  Sadako herself was crouched behind the lower right corner of the computer screen, where nobody could see her.

Get the sweets and avoid detection.  Get the sweets and avoid detection.  Oh, I feel like a burglar!  I know screen lizards are supposed to bring people good luck if spotted, but how is that an excuse for us to make it so hard?

Letting out a sigh, Sadako climbed up to the upper right corner of the screen, still taking care to remain out of sight.  She had a better view of her prize from there, but Xavier's eyes were still glued to the monitor-- she couldn't go for it and remain undetected.

Sadako made a complete circuit around the screen's perimeter, scouting out Xavier's room from every angle she could.  The whole time, he continued to type.

Something did catch the female lizard's interest, though: a smartphone laying on the bed behind him.


Sadako dashed across the airwaves to Xavier's smartphone.  His back was to it, so she could safely climb out of the phone and look around.  Xavier had a small, single-occupancy apartment, with few furnishings, although it seemed much larger to a screen lizard only a few inches tall.  The computer desk was obviously the main attraction, as little attention had been given to anything else in the room, aside from a printed and framed award from a fanfiction website hanging on the wall.

Maybe I could sneak over from here and get the chocolates... no, no, they're right in front of him.  He'd see me no matter what angle I approached it from.

"Wait a second," Xavier muttered, rubbing his chin.  "Would Black really say it that way?  I'd better recheck the source material.  I know he said something like that in Dragons at Morning, Sailors Take Warning."

Sadako perked up.  This was it-- Xavier was finally going to leave his computer desk!  The bowl of sweets would be wide open!  She dove back into the smartphone, crossed the airwaves back to his computer, and...


Xavier had loaded up the episode on his computer.  He carefully skipped to the relevant point, and played it back.

"Ah!  That's what I thought."

Sheesh, does he ever leave his computer for ANYTHING?

Sadako sat, dejected, in the corner of Xavier's screen as he switched back to his word processor and resumed typing.

Okay, Xavier's clearly not going to look away on his own.  Sis always said that computer-users like to multitask, but he's got everything going on on one screen.  Maybe I could engineer my own distraction.  But what could I... hang on, that's it!

In an instant, Sadako's mood brightened.  She returned to Xavier's smartphone and searched through its software, looking for the notifications system.

Found it!  Now I just have to do this...


The notification jingle prompted Xavier to look up.  Pushing himself to his feet, he crossed the room and picked up his smartphone from the bed.  A single notification was displayed on the screen.

Thank you for the chocolates, Sir!

"What in the..."

Xavier's eyes widened as he realized what had just happened.  He turned around to face his computer desk, but he was too late: the bowl was empty, and Sadako was nowhere in sight.  Xavier laughed as he sat down again.

"Alright, Sadako, you win.  You can come out now."

After a moment, the face of a purple screen lizard appeared at the bottom of the computer screen, followed quickly by the rest of her.  Gently Sadako climbed out of the computer, passing through the monitor glass as though there were nothing there, and took a seat inside the now-empty bowl.  She had already unwrapped one of the chocolates, which currently resided inside her cheek.

"I have to admit," Xavier continued, "that trick with my phone was clever.  I'll have to remember to keep it closer to my computer from now on."

Sadako blushed (insofar as a reptile can blush).  "Thank you, Xavier.  I suppose these practice sessions are paying off."

"Hey-- I'm always willing to put my cousins through the training they need to avoid detection in the real world."

Xavier Screens slouched back in his chair, a smile crossing his face.
Stealth Lizard
A little something I wanted to write, something I think helps exemplify the "culture" of Mobian screen lizards.  I lost the initial version of this due to computer problems, and it took me a few days to gather the confidence to try it again.

I'll have to write up Xavier's profile sometime.  I've got future plans for him.

Xavier and Sadako are © me
There HAS to be more to life than clicking the "Reload" button on my browser over and over.


United States



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