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A Perry the Platypus plush, two Pascals and a Weresonic? I'm not gonna ask. Anyways, on to the matter at hand. This piece has excellent...

Alright, I suppose it can't hurt to get back into the practice of writing these critique things. Let's see now. The composition of this...

Something about this is different from the style I'm used to seeing from you. Maybe it's the outlines, maybe it's not. But I sort of li...

This is... I'm not a fan of gore, but I can't let this go without comment. Vision: I can't say much about this because I'm not sure wha...

I don't critique much, but I still give more critiques than I receive. But those of you with premium memberships can fix that, right?


Short Story (normal)
Self-explanatory.  Tell me exactly what you want, and you'll get it.  I'll write about just about anything, but be prepared to supply any reference materials I request.
Short Story (blind)
Like the normal Short Story commission, but with a twist: you're not allowed to specify a single detail about what you want.  I'll just do something I think you'll like.
Short Story (semi-blind)
The median between normal and blind.  You're allowed to specify one or two details-- the main character, or the theme, or perhaps even the title-- but that's it.
Got a fictional 'verse you're proud of, but that could use one or two more characters?  I'd be happy to make a character for it!  (Pictoral references not available; textual profiles only.)
The more observant of you may have noticed that lately I've been bringing up a particular point a bit more often than before: the point of pride.

I've known for a while that I've been a person of pride, but only a recent event has really caused the notion to hit home.  I posed a writing challenge to Lolocator, and he accomplished it-- but when it came time to write the two fateful words, "You win", I bit my metaphorical tongue.  It felt like some invisible force was preventing me from typing them.  I stared at the screen for minutes before finally managing to deliver the message.

But that wasn't the climax.  The climax was when I mentioned my hesitation to him, and he replied, "Your (sic) a person of dignity. That's really all I have to say."  The revelation that my pride was so visible to others... that was the turning point.

So, yes.  I'm a person of pride.  A startling many personality quirks of mine can be traced back to my pride.  For example, have you noticed how I habitually type with perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation?  I suspect I developed that habit because I didn't want to leave myself vulnerable to "grammar Nazis".

...maybe that's a bad example.  Let's try another one.

I have a fondness for deconstruction.  I believe I deconstruct things because it leaves me feeling like I understand the concepts better than the ones who use them normally.  (Wow, that sounds cold-hearted.)  I suppose that's not entirely true, though; I like reconstructing things, too, and I also like to encourage others towards reconstruction.

...%&*#$!  Why can't anything ever be black and white?

But back to where we started.  From what I understand, pride is neither an inherently good or an inherently bad force; it all depends on the circumstances.  But I feel like it's implemented all wrong in me.  I'm not always willing to put in the effort to give myself something to be proud of, and I have trouble suppressing my pride when it conflicts with what I'm better off doing.

I've got problems.  But the thing about problems is that sometimes they can solve one another.  (Why did I think that would be an appropriate thing to type?)
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Journal History


As the new girl at the fire department, Kelly got all the easy jobs.

Like anyone else, Kelly had become a firefighter to save lives.  She dreamed of being the hero when lives were at stake.  But instead, she was stuck working the water pump and rescuing cats from trees while her colleagues were out being the heroes she wanted to be.  Not a day of work passed by when she wasn't jealous-- nor was she ever in need of a reason to be so.

Today was no different.  The fire station had received a call about a cat stranded in a tree just outside of town, and the job had naturally been delegated to Kelly.  She wasn't any happier about it than usual, but a cat's life was more valuable than no life at all.

Kelly quickly suited up in front of the mirror.  Her firefighter's outfit was run-of-the-mill, a thick jacket with yellow stripes and a matching helmet, going well with her red hair and green eyes.  Of course this was overkill for a cat rescue, but it was good to be in practice for when she got a real firefighting task.

Tension filled the air during the several-minute drive from the station to the outskirts of town in one of the department's smaller fire truck.  Kelly had been taught to treat any job as seriously as any other, but sometimes she suspected that was just an excuse to keep her content with the newbie work.

Finally, she parked the truck.  Right in front of her stood the tree the call had been about.  It had to be the one; it was the tallest tree around, and obviously none of the others were hiding any cats.  At the base of the tree stood a scared-looking girl wearing a baseball cap.

"Kelly Rider, town fire department," Kelly greeted the girl as she got out of the engine.  "Are you the one who called in about the stranded cat?"

The girl nodded and pointed upwards, and Kelly looked up.  The top of the tree was obscured by fog, strange for that time of year.  Using a pair of binoculars, she could make out the silhouette of a cat concealed in the fog.

"Stay where you are, ma'am.  I'll handle this."

I long for the days when I'll be able to use this level of professionalism in a situation that actually deserves it.

Returning to the fire truck, Kelly began to operate the built-in ladder.  Slowly the ladder angled up, then extended until it reached the upper limbs of the tree.  Once she was satisfied with the ladder's position, she locked it in place before beginning to climb.

It felt like forever before she reached the top of the ladder.  By that point the fog was all around her, leaving Kelly with no view of the landscape below.  She kept her breaths small and subtle as she carefully transferred to the limbs of the tree, following the silhouette of the cat.

"Don't worry, kitty, you're in safe hands with me... kitty?  Where are you?"

Kelly glanced around.  The silhouette of the cat she had followed before was nowhere to be seen.  She retrieved a flashlight from her tool belt and shone it around, stopping upon finally seeing the cat's silhouette again, a distance away.


Carefully crawling along the limb, Kelly inched closer and closer to the cat, which didn't move.  As she drew closer, however, the silhouette vanished.  It didn't even move; it just faded away.  As she moved closer, she saw that the branch was coming to an end, but no sign of any cat anywhere.

That's when she heard a voice behind her.

"Did you know that this tree used to be sacred?"

Kelly whipped around.  Perched on the branch behind her was the girl who'd called her here.

"Ma'am?  What are you doing up here?  It's dangerous to... be..."

Her voice trailed off as Kelly noticed something odd.  The girl's cap was off... and she had a pair of cat ears.

"One hundred seventy-six years ago today, an innocent cat found itself stranded in these very branches.  Nobody came to rescue it because they were afraid of corrupting the tree in the process, and the cat starved to death.  In that manner, the cat's spirit became bound to the tree, and its death on the branches was more sacrilegious than any rescue attempt ever could be."

Kelly suddenly became aware of a strange sensation in her hands and feet.  She glanced down; her fingers were shortening, and... turning orange?

"As you may have guessed," the cat-eared girl continued, "that cat and I are one and the same.  The tree now hungers for more feline sacrifices, and it is my responsibility to provide them.  Every year on this day, I lure in an innocent to be the tree's annual sacrifice."

Feline sacrifice...?  Oh, heck!

The next sensation occurred in Kelly's face.  Her hand-turned-paw shot straight there, meeting with a slightly elongated nose and mouth area, and more startlingly, fur and whiskers.

"The heart of the tree's magic is here, and its range is limited.  The tree and I needed to lure you here so you could be transformed.  A phone call, a scared-little-girl act, an illusion of a cat, and that was all it took."

Vaulting over the girl, Kelly took a position closer to the tree trunk, working her way into a standing position.  No sooner had she done so than something ripped through the back of her uniform.  As her new feline tail brushed against things, Kelly shook her head as her mind registered tactile sensations in areas that weren't supposed to exist.

This is ridiculous!  It was supposed to be just a routine rescue-a-cat-from-a-tree, and now I'M the cat who needs to be rescued!  I've got to get out of here!

Kelly scrambled back towards the fire truck's ladder, constantly stumbling as her arms and legs changed shape.  Her uniform began to rip as her arms and legs changed shape; she was forced to leave it behind.


The ladder was in sight.  Kelly leaped from the tree limb, seizing the ladder and locking onto it with her claws (!?).  She spared a glance back, and saw that the girl was rapidly advancing on her.  A tail had already unfurled from hits hiding place in the girl's clothes, and the claws on her hands and feet weren't easy to ignore, either.

Turning her attention back to the ladder, Kelly looked down.  She'd never been afraid of heights before, but the sight of the ground a few stories behind her tickled a rapidly developing animal instinct, and she froze where she perched.  She really did not want to go anywhere.

...No!  I'm almost home free!  I've got to...

Kelly put on a brave face as she slid down the ladder.  She landed roughly on the back of the truck, tumbled off, and somehow managed to land on her feet.  The girl seemed unwilling to pursue her any further; perhaps she could only manifest herself so far from the tree.

Relieved that she was out of danger, Kelly let out a meow of relief-- and froze when she realized she'd just let out a meow of relief.  She whipped around and looked at her reflection in a chrome panel on the side of the truck.

OH @#&$!  I'M STILL A CAT!

Indeed she was.  She looked like an ordinary cat-- the orange fur, the ears and tail, her whole appearance screamed everything "cat" and nothing "firefighter".  She had shed her whole uniform during her escape, and was now completely unclothed.

Slowly, Kelly turned to look at the fireman's hat she had been wearing just minutes ago.  Now it was so large to her, she could curl up inside it-- and the urge to do so was not particularly weak.  She mewed sadly.

I guess my days as a firefighter are over.  Now what am I supposed to do with myself?

A sudden shadow over Kelly drew her attention to the girl, who was now looming over her and anxious to reclaim her sacrifice.  Kelly went wide-eyed and took off running on all fours, not caring where she was going as long as it was away from danger.

By the time she slowed to a stop, she glanced around-- and realized she was up in the branches of a tree marking a street corner in town.

...maybe I'd better stay up here for a little while.  It's probably the safest place I could be right now... at least until someone comes to "rescue" me.
Treed Cat Tales: Kathalia
My second Treed Cat Tales story.  I don't know why or how Kathalia caught my eye, but we've been well-acquainted ever since.  She's one of many TF (transformation) fanatics roaming DeviantART, so that's the direction this story took.  With that in mind, the series's theme was easy to interpret.

I suppose this story isn't exclusively flavored towards her, but oh well.
The forest was beautiful today.  Hisspan Down admired the trees and plants as she wandered between them, picking out herbs and adding them to her basket.  The sun created dazzling patterns as it filtered through the leaves, and the gentle rustling sound played by the wind added to the effect, complemented perfectly by the vague ambient noises of animals around her.

I've got to find an excuse to bring Rebar out here.  I'm sure she'd love it.

"Help... SOMEBODY HELP..."

Where had that come from?  Hisspan glanced around.


The cobra looked up.  The oak tree in front of her was several stories tall, and near the top she could make out a speck of something off-colored.  Switching to infrared, she confirmed that there was a person's heat signature up there.

"HELLO UP THERE!" she called out.

After a moment, a response came back.



Bracing herself against the ground in a running stance, Hisspan glanced over the limbs and branches of the oak tree, looking for a good starting point.  As soon as she'd selected one, she dashed forwards, leaped from the ground at just the right moment, and seized the limb with both hands.  She swung around it like an Olympic gymnast, coming in for a perfect landing on top before looking for her next target.

The figure stranded at the top of the tree watched intently as the cobra ascended.  It was a female Mobian cat, calico with brown eyes, dressed in hiking gear and carrying a pair of binoculars.  She remained perched on her branch, afraid to make a move.

At a critical moment halfway up the tree, Hisspan's grip failed her, and she plummeted.  The cat looked away as the cobra crashed through the leafy canopy of a shorter tree, which thankfully softened her fall.

"Ouch... well, I guess I'm not a tree snake."

The cat let out a whimper, and Hisspan called up again.


Getting into a comfortable sitting position, Hisspan found her cell phone in her pocket and chose a number from her address book.

"...yes, it's nice to hear your voice too... listen, I've got a favor to ask of you.  Can you come to the tall oak tree southwest of the Valley?  That's where I am now.  I'll explain further when you arrive... thanks a lot!  See you soon!"

The cobra hung up, tucking her phone back away before looking up at the cat again.


Minutes passed.  Hisspan considered dancing for the cat to pass the time, but dismissed that idea upon realizing that she probably didn't have a good view of her.  Instead, she stayed where she was, staring into the sky.

"Hi, Hissy!"

A dark green flying snake wearing an aviator's helmet and goggles landed in a crouch next to Hisspan.  The cobra greeted her with a hug and kiss.

"Nice to see you, Flyte!"

"Same to you.  What did you need?"

Hisspan pointed up.  "There's someone stranded at the top of that oak tree.  Can you get her down?"

"Say no more, Hissy, I'm on it."

Back-flipping into the air, Flyte spasmed, unfolding the special ribs in her body to catch the wind.  Soon she was circling the oak tree, gaining more and more altitude as she rose towards the top.  Occasionally she would grab a branch and swing up on top of it like Hisspan had, then jump off and resume her flight.

As the flying snake finally touched down on the cat's branch near the top of the oak tree, the surprised cat yelped and flinched, nearly falling off in the process.  It took her a moment to realize that Flyte was standing there, offering her hand.

"Come on.  We're going down."

Not sure what to expect, the cat took Flyte's hand, then at her direction turned around and let the snake grab her around the waist.  Then they jumped, gliding circles around the tree as they descended to ground level.

The cat exhaled a breath as she set foot on grass once more.  "I can't thank you two enough.  Oh... I never caught your names."

The two snakes introduced themselves, and the cat responded in turn-- her name was Amelia Sky.

"I love climbing," Amelia explained, "but I hate heights.  I'll climb up to the top of something and only then realize how high up I am, and then I'll be pretty much paralyzed.  This has happened more times than I care to admit."

Hisspan laughed.  "I can imagine.  Come on, our hometown's not far from here.  I'll show you around..."
Treed Cat Tales: lizardman22
This is the first in a series that I've been planning out for a little while-- the basic scenario about rescuing a cat from a tree, themed in ways pertaining to particular DA members (using their best-known characters, or following the themes most prevalent in their work, or whatever's appropriate).  The target of this one is lizardman22, a close DA friend of mine.

That flowery description in the first paragraph felt artificial when I was writing it.  I don't usually write descriptions like that-- I'm more of a just-the-facts-ma'am kind of writer (which tends to be disadvantageous for writing prose... maybe that's what I meant about being emotionless?)-- but it felt as though the scene would be bland without it.

Amelia is © me
Other characters © :iconlizardman22:
I'd like to smack whoever came up with the idea of putting racing minigames in Donkey Kong 64.  If racing games were my forte, do you think I'd be playing a collect-a-thon platformer?

I haven't even reached the bottom of that stupid slide yet.  I keep flying off at sharp turns.
Study: Yooka Rolling by sonicinterface
Study: Yooka Rolling
Some of you may be aware of the recent announcement of Yooka-Laylee, a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie (and made by many of the same people) that's due out sometime next year.  The Kickstarter was launched just yesterday and it's already met most of its stretch goals; in fact, it was fully funded within 38 minutes of its launching.

The game has two protagonists, Yooka (green chameleon) and Laylee (purple bat).  Although some details are sketchy, there's a lot of talk about what the game will play like, and several videos of gameplay footage.

What really captivated me, though, was one particular move in which Yooka curled up and rolled forwards (about 0:27 in the IGN reveal video; also about 0:58 and 1:25 in the Kickstarter video).  As some of you already know, that's something of a fetish of mine, and I take interest in any character with that talent.

(Oddly enough, that ability appeared in every video with gameplay footage, but there was very little mention of it anywhere else; it was nowhere in the official art, and the only textual mention it got was a semi-relevant sentence on the Kickstarter page.  Also, where did it come from?  The developers said in the videos that Yooka and Laylee's abilities were loosely based on the natural abilities of chameleons and bats, but I think this one's a little too loose for that alibi.)

I just had to know the particulars of Yooka's roll, so I studied the footage carefully.  I paused and unpaused, looking for easy-to-miss details.  Annoyingly, most of the time he/she (Playtonic is keeping the genders of the protagonists ambiguous for whatever reason) was rolling directly away from the camera, a viewpoint which made it difficult to tell what was what.  Fortunately, both instances of it in the Kickstarter video had moments when Yooka turned a bit to one side while rolling.  Examining those moments, and the moments where Yooka entered and exited his/her roll, led me to develop a theory.

I've sketched out my theory in the picture.  I picked up quickly that Yooka frontflips into his/her roll, during which his/her tail unfurls and becomes looped around the chameleon's body like a hoop, most likely serving the purpose of a wheel's rim.  (This doesn't necessarily prove that said tail is prehensile; the unfurling could be due to the inertia from the flip.)  The position of the rest of Yooka's body was harder to deduce, but making this sketch helped make it concrete.  Excuse the sloppiness; I've never drawn this character before, and my references were suboptimal.

By a lucky coincidence, one video game news website included a GIF of Yooka rolling, presumably ripped from one of the videos.  (I shouldn't link directly to the GIF, but here's the article.)  To check my work, I downloaded the GIF and looked at it frame by frame.  Of course the chameleon was rolling away from the camera in the GIF, but all I was really doing was comparing it with what I'd deduced.  The numbers and arrows around Yooka at the right represent where the camera was with respect to him/her in the first four frames of the GIF, which was how long it took him/her to make a complete revolution.

Laylee isn't in this picture because he/she doesn't seem to be relevant to the move.  I do wonder, though, why he/she feels the need to run on top of the rolling chameleon rather than flying alongside or something.  Then again, for all I know perhaps Laylee provides Yooka with propulsion or balance or something like that.

Yooka-Laylee and involved characters and concepts are © Playtonic Games
As was often the case, James needed some time to himself.

James (Scovile to his friends) was a somewhat abnormal Flareon, black with white fluff as opposed to the usual red-orange.  His abnormal coloring was due to the unusual circumstances of his evolution... *ahem* but I'm getting sidetracked.

Being somewhat mentally unstable, James spent a lot of his time in quiet and peaceful areas, such as the wide meadow he had chosen to explore today.

...Hm?  What's that smell?

A fruity scent caught the Flareon's attention.  Following his nose, he made his way to a fenced-in garden surrounding a series of berry bushes.  As he squeezed through the fence, one bush in particular got his attention; the berries on it looked like none he had ever seen before, each one a centimeter in diameter and colored purple with orange swirls.

Looks delicious!

James didn't delay.  He picked one berry and shoved it into his mouth, chewing it and enjoying its taste.  It was a fantastic blend of sweet and spicy that no berry he'd ever tasted before could produce.  Then he ate another berry, and another, and soon the bottom half of the bush (which was all James could reach) was picked clean.

His meal finished, James relaxed in the shade of the bush, patting his belly underneath him.  He hardly felt full at all, but his belly certainly looked bloated... in fact, it appeared to be expanding by the second.

"Flare? (Huh?)"

Unbeknownst to the not-so-innocent Flareon, this particular garden was run by a local laboratory devoted to performing experiments with plants to create new fauna.  That berry bush in particular was one of their recent projects, and so far the berries had not been taste-tested.

The juice in these berries was already reacting with the contents of James's heated stomach, creating gas that expanded rapidly, inflating the Flareon quickly.

Starting to panic, James tried to move, but his inflated stomach was already prohibiting his legs from touching the ground.  He fumbled helplessly for a moment before tipping forwards... and faceplanting into the berry bush.


As James struggled to right himself and get his face out of the bush, a clump of berries worked their way into his mouth and down his throat.  This, of course, added fuel to the inflation process.

Soon the Flareon was a huge black balloon, so large he took up the whole garden.  Another shake and he tumbled forwards, rolling over and crushing the fence (and half of the berry bushes as well).


James could barely move.  The shadow of his expanding belly eclipsed the whole town.  Letting out a blast of flame, he rolled himself back upright, to discover he was now higher up than the roofs of any of the buildings.

And he continued to grow.

What in Mew's name was IN those berries?

Now the Flareon's shadow eclipsed the whole town.  A moment later, he couldn't even see the town because his huge gut was in the way.  Flying Pokémon avoided his gigantic stomach as they crossed the air.

A burst of water suddenly hit James's face.  He yelped and blasted fire at the air before realizing he'd just hit a cloud.  He couldn't see anything but the sky and his own expanding gut, and he could barely feel the garden beneath him.

Maybe I'll become as big as a planet.  Maybe Kyorge and Groudon will turn me into a new Earth.  ...I don't want to be a planet!  HELP!

The atmosphere was getting thin; it was getting difficult to breathe.  James tried to scream again, but before he could he felt a huge, ripping pain in his belly.  Then he blacked out.

An indeterminable length of time later, James woke up at a familiar shrine.  He still had a headache from whatever he'd just experienced, so he couldn't quite remember which Legendary Pokémon dwelt there.

He later learned what had happened.  He'd grown large enough to crush the whole town, then burst from over-expansion.  One of the Legendaries had gathered up his pieces and brought him here to be healed.

James's mind drifted back to the unusual berries that had started the whole mess.  He wasn't sure he wanted to get that big again, but the berries HAD been rather delicious.

I would've been fine if I'd eaten just one.  Or two.  Or maybe three or four.
Berries and Balloons -Comm.-
A slightly overdue commission for JolteonRahm243 featuring one of his characters, a Flareon with a bumpy past and a questionable intellect.  I hope I did the request justice.

Pokémon isn't really among my interests, but secondhand knowledge about it is plentiful on the Internet.  Sometimes I wonder what sort of audience I'm attracting, and how.

Pokémon is © Nintendo/GAMEFREAK
James/Scovile is © :iconjolteonrahm243:
Just saw a Flash game called "Hentai Arkanoid" on another website.  That's a top contender for "pairs of words I neither expected nor wanted to see together".

(I didn't click on it.)
46 deviations
For today's edition of "as if it needed saying": I'm a sore loser.


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