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A Perry the Platypus plush, two Pascals and a Weresonic? I'm not gonna ask. Anyways, on to the matter at hand. This piece has excellent...

Alright, I suppose it can't hurt to get back into the practice of writing these critique things. Let's see now. The composition of this...

by Tori-the-Sand-Cat

Something about this is different from the style I'm used to seeing from you. Maybe it's the outlines, maybe it's not. But I sort of li...

by Tori-the-Sand-Cat

This is... I'm not a fan of gore, but I can't let this go without comment. Vision: I can't say much about this because I'm not sure wha...

I don't critique much, but I still give more critiques than I receive. But those of you with premium memberships can fix that, right?

A werewolf is hunting you. What do you do? (Comment if you have a more specific answer.) 

2 deviants said Attempt to befriend it
2 deviants said Something else
1 deviant said Fight it
1 deviant said Try to trap or lose it
1 deviant said Repel it with a werewolf deterrent



Short Story (normal)
Self-explanatory.  Tell me exactly what you want, and you'll get it.  I'll write about just about anything, but be prepared to supply any reference materials I request.
Short Story (blind)
Like the normal Short Story commission, but with a twist: you're not allowed to specify a single detail about what you want.  I'll just do something I think you'll like.
Short Story (semi-blind)
The median between normal and blind.  You're allowed to specify one or two details-- the main character, or the theme, or perhaps even the title-- but that's it.
Got a fictional 'verse you're proud of, but that could use one or two more characters?  I'd be happy to make a character for it!  (Pictoral references not available; textual profiles only.)
Okay, I need to ask a question that clicked into my mind recently.  I feel like this is the sort of question most people probably know the answer to, but I sure as heck don't, and it's probably something obvious that I'm completely overlooking.

Why do people like to read sad stories?

Obviously, they have to have some appeal, or there wouldn't be so many of them written.  But what could it be?  Nobody goes to a library and says, "I'm feeling too joyful right now.  I want to read something sad to bring my mood down a little." they?  I don't think they do.  What other possible explanations are there?

Change of subject.  I'm still a little sick; I can't tell if I'm getting better or worse.  I recently opened up a new bag of strawberry-flavored cough drops; they tasted more like cough drops than strawberry.  Ugh.

...Also, I'm heavily afflicted with writer's block right now.  I can't think of a single thing I'm interested in writing about.  I have at least one idea for drawing something, but I just don't want to put pencil to paper.
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Journal History


Yesterday I happened to see a TV commercial for an airline.  In the commercial, a woman considered an airplane without showers or a bar to be a nightmare.

I couldn't take it seriously.
A loud whistle penetrates the kennel, rousing you from your nap.  You know what that means: it's time for you and your fellow sled dogs to do what you do best.

One by one, Master hooks the six of you up to the dog sled, arranged in three sets of two; you're one of the two lead dogs, since you have such a great sense of direction.  The harness feels comfortable around you, as does the weight of the tow line.

Soon you're all ready to go.  Master takes his position on the sled, cracks his whip, and gives the iconic command: "MUSH!"

You and the other dogs all take off running in unison, easily overpowering the weight of the sled and the friction from the snow.  You know the route; you've run it a hundred times.  You ignore the scenery whipping past, except for the landmarks you use to navigate.

As you cross a snowbank, you suddenly hear a soft crunch as the dog sled gets stuck.  But you're trained for this.  The six of you focus your strength on the tow rope in order to pull the sled free, and all at once, it comes.  Without any of you missing a beat, the run resumes.

Not much later, a sudden jerk on the tow line causes you to stumble.  The dog behind you wasn't paying attention and got his leg tangled on the tow line.  A sudden whip crack from Master convinces him to regain his focus and pull free, and another crack gets the six of you running again.

Hunger begins to set in for the six of you, some more quickly than others, but Master is on the ball.  He tosses each one of you a dog biscuit, and you snap them up.  You're particularly proud of the way you snagged yours out of mid-air.  You don't actually know what's in the biscuits, but it's nutritious enough to get you running at full speed again.

Finally, your destination comes into view: a town, windows lit here and there.  Master whistles again and commands you to stop, right at the border of town.  Soon the six of you are indoors in a warm shelter, enjoying a proper lunch: warm cubes of freshly prepared meat from separate bowls.

A well-deserved reward for a job well done.  Well, half done; you've still got the return trip to think about...
Prompt: Pick a sport or activity that involves animals (horse racing, falconry, lion-taming, etc.); reimagine it from the animal's point of view.
(Variant: If you specialize in anthro art / writing, reimagine the activity with both the human and animal participants replaced with anthros, and think about what would be the same / different.)

So I was browsing the Steam shop out of boredom today, and I stumbled upon a game called Sled Dog Saga.  I didn't buy it, but just looking at the videos and screenshots sparked something in my mind.

This feels weak somehow to me, but you can be the judge of that; that's why I turned on "Request Critiques".
"I don't believe it.  You remembered to pack a jack and lug wrench... but you forgot to include an actual spare tire?"

"I told you it slipped my mind!"

The old cliché: stranded in the middle of nowhere because your car had a flat tire.  Such was the current plight of the two anthro lizards, Mick and Joyce.  Currently the car was parked on the side of the road, the front end jacked up and a conspicuously empty axle where the front left tire used to be.

Joyce let out a frustrated sigh and turned her back on Mick, flipping her cell phone open as she did.

"No reception... so much for calling for a tow truck.  I'm going to walk around a bit and see if it improves."

As the female lizard walked away, Mick glanced at the car.  Joyce was right and he knew it.  This was all his fault for being so absentminded.  But right now, what he really wanted was a distraction.  Something to take his mind off their current situation.

Like maybe a little contortionism.  What would be a good new trick to try?

Mick was an amateur contortionist, and perhaps "amateur" was underselling it.  He always loved trying new things with his flexible lizard body.  He joked on occasion that he was one-quarter snake, since his grandfather "didn't like leggy girls".  (Nobody laughed at that one anymore.)

As he brainstormed, he glanced again at the empty axle.  The cavity around it, that had once been occupied, looked just the right size for him.  And he did always love cramming himself into tight spaces.

Hm... alright, I'll give it a try.  It can't do any harm.

Mick lay down on his back under the car, his tail between his legs.  Slowly and deliberately, he raised his tail and wound it around the axle like thread around a spool.  At the same time, he positioned his legs over top of the axle, keeping them in as tightly as he could.  The car's parking brake was on, so the axle didn't move.

For the second stage, the male lizard gripped the frame of the car with his hands and pushed his upper body forwards.  Once more he looped his body around the portion of the axle that was already covered by his legs and tail, until finally his whole body was off the ground and tightly coiled in position.

"Ugh," Joyce's voice came from nearby.  "It's no use.  Zero bars no matter where I stand.  I'll have to... er... Mick?  What are you doing?"

Mick's head was upside-down at the bottom of his coiled form, so he couldn't see much besides the road behind the car.  Joyce knelt down to meet his gaze, and Mick smiled nervously.

"Er... hi, Joyce.  I was just... I thought..."

"You're a huge goof, you know that?  I can't take my eyes off you for a... hang on.  Don't move."

Joyce got a tape measure out of the car and held it up to Mick, measuring him from various angles.  She nodded in satisfaction and put the tape measure away, then stepped in front of the car.  Mick was wondering what she was doing until the car's front end suddenly lowered back to terra firma, the jack having been relieved of its job.  The male lizard winced slightly as his head made contact with the ground.

"Uh... Joyce?  What are..."

"What do you think?  We've got a replacement tire now; we can go on our way."

"A replacement tire?  What replacement... YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!"

Joyce was already back beside Mick, with the lug wrench and the nuts from the flat tire.  Gently she screwed the nuts into the appropriate holes on the axle, pinning various parts of the lizard's body in place.

"Why not?  You're durable enough, you're the right shape and size, and this'll only be until we reach civilization and can get a proper replacement."

Mick let out a sigh, having no choice but to resign himself to his fate.  He braced himself as he heard Joyce start the car, and a moment later, the axle he was now secured to began to turn.

As it turned out, serving the purpose of a tire was hardly a pleasant experience.  Bearing one-fourth of the car's weight was one thing, but Mick also had to deal with hard tarmac pressing against different parts of his body several times a second.  And the constant spinning!  He had to keep his attention on himself and the axle, otherwise motion sickness would overwhelm him almost immediately.

It was with no small amount of relief that the male lizard finally felt the car come to a stop and heard the engine shut off.  By that point he was in dire need of a bath, and he was worried that maybe the constant pressure had sealed his body permanently in its tire shape.

Someone jacked the front of the car up again, and Joyce stepped back into view.  She casually undid the nuts and removed Mick from the car as though he were an ordinary tire.


"No.  Should I be?"
A Tiring Day
I have no idea.  Just a cute little idea I wanted to run with.

I like the central concept here, but somehow I don't feel like I did it enough justice.  I wonder if another writer would do better.

And before anyone asks, I have no intentions of making Mick and Joyce regular characters.
DeviantART.  A website filled with many forms of creativity.  Images and writings.  Fiction and nonfiction.  The abstract and the definite.  And the D virus.

No one knew who created the D virus, or how or why.  It was an enigmatic computer virus that infected the profiles and galleries of DeviantART members, seemingly at random, to... well... on most days it would attempt to wreak havoc on the galleries.  But for whatever reason, on October 31st it was much more pacifistic.

Like on every other day, as the virus infected each gallery on DeviantART, the myriad worlds and settings within came to life, each character becoming real for the duration of the virus's stay.  Unlike on every other day, the virus made no attempt to challenge or defeat any of them; it had a different mission in mind.

One Halloween, the virus landed on a profile page owned by an insignificant writer by the alias of *sonicinterface.

This was a profile the D virus had touched upon before, for one of its usual attacks-- which the gallery had successfully fended off.  Since then, even more characters and settings of various types had been added to *sonicinterface's gallery, making for an even greater portmanteau than before.

One by one, places and people once again appeared in the previously vacant landscape as the virus called them awake.  A vast library, a coastal base, a suburban residential district took shape, each one decorated for Halloween even though their respective works of fiction were not composed with the holiday in mind.

And in came the virus's avatar.  No swarm of D-beasts dotted the air this time; only a single one, an anthro version of the iconic mantis-lizard, much like the one that had paid a visit to ~lizardman22's gallery on one occasion.  He wore a black assassin costume that covered most of his head and body, and carried with him a small plastic bucket made to resemble a jack-o-lantern.

After a slow aerial circuit of the world, the mantis-lizard touched down in front of his first destination: an innocuous suburban house with its lights on.  The usual Halloween decorations flanked the front door.


Within seconds, someone answered the doorbell: a green-winged, silver-furred pegasus.  She gasped slightly and jinxed back upon meeting eyes with the D-beast, but calmed down a few seconds after.

"Trick or treat!" the mantis-lizard declared.

"Of course.  Wait just a moment..."

Fetching a piece of candy from a bowl inside, the pegasus deposited it in the D-beast's bucket.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome.  I don't think I've ever seen you around before... what's your name?"


"Ah... it's nice to meet you, Dante.  My name's Mythril.  Ah... good luck with your trick-or-treating."

"Thanks again."

Dante left the house, Mythril waving goodbye.  He made his way in short order to the next stop on his route: an unassuming scout lodge.  The bat outline painted on the door certainly set the mood, but the D-beast suspected that it was coincidental.

As he reached out to ring the doorbell, he heard voices inside.

"No, Rover!  Get away.  Those are for the trick-or-treaters, not for you."

"Aw, but Crimson..."

"If there are any left when the night's over, you might be allowed to have some.  Until then, leave the bowl alone."

"*whine*... okay..."

"And the next time you shed, do it somewhere else, or at least clean up after yourself.  You've been giving Finn nightmares!"

The conversation ended, and Dante took that as his cue to announce his presence.

DING-DONG.  "Trick or treat!"

A dark red vampire bat dressed in a scout uniform, casually sipping from a juice box, answered the door.  She smiled and gave Dante an individually wrapped cookie, which he placed in his bucket as well before thanking her and proceeding.

A few trick-or-treats after that, the D-beast found himself at an oceanside cabin.  He knocked on the door like usual, and was greeted moments later by a black-backed jackal, unclothed except for four golden rings on his wrists and ankles.

Dante made his usual greeting, and the jackal responded by dropping a wrapped piece of bubble gum in with the D-beast's already-collected candy.  As he turned to leave, though, the jackal stopped him.

"Oh, uh, wait a moment."


"Fruits just reminded me: you may want to read the label on that gum before you try to chew it."

Intrigued, Dante took the gum out of his bucket and glanced it over.  It was a special kind of bubble gum titled "Blowback"; apparently, when someone blew a bubble with it, the bubble would immediately shrink back and return the air blown into it, inflating the chewer.

Who in their right mind would chew this stuff?  ...An inflation fanatic, I suppose.

The D-beast's next stop was across the ocean, so he opened his wings and hovered across.  On his way, he stopped and perched on a buoy floating in the water.  The buoy had the letters "O.A." marked on it, with a hexagon around them.  A bell flanked the buoy's top.

Although the significance of this buoy was far from obvious, Dante knew otherwise.  He gently pushed the bell, ringing it loudly.

Moments later, an orange catfish wearing a belt buckle and a pair of binoculars popped into view.  He glanced Dante over, not sure what to say.

"Trick or treat?" Dante greeted the catfish.

"Trick or... oh!  Right.  You terrestrials have such strange traditions.  One moment."

The catfish disappeared underwater again.  A few minutes later, he reappeared and handed a wrapped piece of saltwater taffy to the D-beast, who wiped it dry on his sleeve before placing it in his bucket.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Dante took off again, crossing the waves in search of his next destination.  It had already come into view: an oil platform that had long since been taken out of service, and yet was not uninhabited.

Not finding a front door, the D-beast perched on one of the decks, and was shortly thereafter greeted by a brown bat dressed in black.

"Hello?  I wasn't expecting any visitors."

"Trick or treat."

"You came all this way just to... well, who am I to argue.  I think I might have something.  Just a minute."

The bat returned a moment later with something egg-shaped wrapped in foil.  Dante took it-- it smelled of chocolate-- and put it in his basket.

"Thank you." Isn't this more of an Easter thing than Halloween?

"Be careful with that; it's a chocolate cockatrice egg.  I confiscated a box of those from a candy store a week ago.  Whoever cracks it open will be encased in a hard chocolate shell, unable to move."

"I'll, er, keep that in mind."

The return to shore was uneventful.  Dante next stopped at an unassuming canyon, at the base of which stretched a network of caves.  The mantis-lizard navigated the tunnels systematically, as if he already knew the way.

Finally, he arrived at a pair of wooden double doors, their formal appearance slightly out of place compared to the caves he'd passed through.  Stepping towards the doors, he knocked, and a moment later a chimeric figure answered.

"Ah... a D-beast, the iconic avatar of the D virus.  Attacked the gallery of *sonicinterface on July 12, 2012, and was successfully fended off.  Key players in the battle included Reach, who rescued sonicinterface's muse from certain doom at a critical moment, as well as--"

Dante cleared his throat slightly, prompting the figure to stop.  Glancing through the doors, the mantis-lizard could make out a vast library behind her.

"Trick or treat?"

"Yes, yes, of course.  The library has a strict no-food policy, but I can offer you something else.  Excuse me a moment."

The Librarian closed the door, then returned and handed Dante a novelty bookmark.  It bore a picture of the Librarian, and a short and slightly sinister description of the library she kept.  Deciding beggars couldn't be choosers, Dante thanked her and left.

A long flight from there, the D-beast came upon what appeared at first to be a medieval castle, moat and all.  But it was the size of a house, and he was sure he'd seen a satellite dish at the top of one of the towers.

Dante touched down in front of the drawbridge, and rung a convenient intercom outside.  The answer was almost immediate.

"Welcome to Labyrinth Burger, best fast food in the Grecian territories.  May I take your order?"

"Er... what?"

"Just kidding.  Black and White here.  Who's this?"

"Trick or treat."

"Oh, okay then!  Wait right there, I'm coming."

With a loud rattle, the drawbridge descended, and shortly thereafter a dark gray dragon with light gray accents emerged from the castle.  He quickly met Dante at the end of the bridge, and began to reach behind his wing for something.

"I've got your treat here somewhere.  You know, you're the first trick-or-treater we've gotten tonight.  We'd trick-or-treat ourselves, but someone has to stick around and watch the castle.  Maybe we should have Annabelle do that..."

The dragon seemed to be taking his time.  Dante found out why when, all of a sudden, something heavy landed squarely on his head, squashing the unsuspecting D-beast into a disk.

Seconds later, the heavy object-- an anvil by the looks of things-- moved from his person, revealing the perpetrator: a second dragon, light gray with dark gray accents.

"In our defense, you did give us a choice."

The two dragons each swiped one piece of candy from Dante's bucket, then left, laughing to themselves.  It was a good few minutes before the mantis-lizard managed to pop back to normal.  He quickly inventoried his candy to determine what the dragons had taken.

By chance, they'd chosen the brown bat's chocolate cockatrice egg and the jackal's blowback bubble gum.  And the sudden yell of surprise from the castle at around that moment suggested that they hadn't read the labels thoroughly before indulging.  Dante chuckled softly to himself before moving on.

The rest of the night went similarly.  Dante visited many more places and people, getting a variety of treats (and the occasional trick) from them.  His last stop of the night was a clothing store, where a Burmese python was working tirelessly.  He pushed the door open and approached the counter, not wanting to call the python too far away from her work.

"Trick or treat!"

"Oh, of course!  I saw you earlier; I've prepared something special for you.  Just a moment..."

The python reached behind the counter and produced a D-beast plushie, dressed in an assassin costume matching Dante's.  His heart skipped a beat as he picked it up and looked it over.

"I love it!  Thank you!"

"No problem.  I always like to go the extra mile to make my customers smile!"

The plush version of himself managed to fit into the basket on top of all the candy it already contained, and Dante said his goodbyes and left.

Outside, he flew up into the air, leaving *sonicinterface's gallery behind.  As he did, he looked through his basket of treats.  He had earned himself a very good haul... a very good haul indeed.

No one knew who created the D virus, or how or why.  But some theorized that it was a digital lifeform of some sort, who visited galleries and brought them to life for fun.
The D Virus's Halloween
A Halloween special, because why not.

CAST (in order of appearance):
The D Virus
Mythril the Pegasus (old fancharacter)
The Spooky Scouts (fancharacters)
Johnny Jackal (-JJ- series)
Aqua the Catfish (old fancharacter)
Screech (beloved character)
The Librarian (The Library of Hell)
Black and White (fancharacters)
Cynthia Burmess (fancharacter)

I don't feel like I used a good balance of characters here.  I know a few good ones I left out... but this was long enough already.

On a sidenote, my deviation count is approaching 1,000.  For my 500th deviation I wrote the original The D Virus; I've got to do something similar for the new milestone, but I have no idea what.  I can't just do the same thing again and expect it to be effective.
90 deviations
I just realized I have a non-deliberate tendency to affiliate myself with a lot of werewolf lovers here on DA.
Okay, I need to ask a question that clicked into my mind recently.  I feel like this is the sort of question most people probably know the answer to, but I sure as heck don't, and it's probably something obvious that I'm completely overlooking.

Why do people like to read sad stories?

Obviously, they have to have some appeal, or there wouldn't be so many of them written.  But what could it be?  Nobody goes to a library and says, "I'm feeling too joyful right now.  I want to read something sad to bring my mood down a little." they?  I don't think they do.  What other possible explanations are there?

Change of subject.  I'm still a little sick; I can't tell if I'm getting better or worse.  I recently opened up a new bag of strawberry-flavored cough drops; they tasted more like cough drops than strawberry.  Ugh.

...Also, I'm heavily afflicted with writer's block right now.  I can't think of a single thing I'm interested in writing about.  I have at least one idea for drawing something, but I just don't want to put pencil to paper.
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So apparently yesterday was the anniversary of some movie or something.  Something to do with time travel and hoverboards?  Whatever, it didn't seem too special to me.
A Study of Superpowium
by Professor Jacob Marvel
Head Researcher, Geostationary Laboratory for Assorted Superpower Study (G.L.A.S.S.)

Superpowium is a rare mineral not naturally found on Earth; its only known source is from meteorites, made purely of the mineral, that come from some unknown corner of space and impact the planet with varying frequency.  The name comes from the primary effect of its radiation, which shall be discussed in further detail shortly.

Active superpowium radiates a vivid purple color.  When touched by a living thing, the raw energy stored in the mineral is released into that living thing, granting them some form of superpowers.  A given sample of superpowium, however, only has so much energy stored in it, proportional to the size of the sample; once depleted, the mineral is a dimmer purple color, and there are no consequences to touching it.

It is quite difficult to study superpowium thoroughly, as the lab has been unable to acquire any active samples of the mineral; although hundreds of superpowium meteorites have crashed to Earth, every time one does-- and please pardon my informality to come-- some nobody always manages to stumble upon it and deplete it before word reaches us.  Our main source of information regarding active superpowium comes from the testimonies of those who have discovered them, which thankfully have been consistent enough to be deemed reliable.

The specific superpowers granted by superpowium vary wildly from subject to subject, even among multiple people energized by the same sample.  One person may be granted the ability to summon and control fire, another super-strength, and still another enhanced senses of smell and hearing.  The only known correlation is one of personality; subjects will often end up with superpowers relating to their own interests-- for example, a wildlife photographer in the South once ended up with the ability to talk to animals-- which has led to an unproven theory that the superpowium somehow reads the subject's mind.

Although most reported subjects energized by superpowium are human, there are a few noteworthy exceptions.  An excellent example is the Jackhammer, a superpowium-affected woodpecker currently kept by the lab as a study subject and unofficial mascot.  It can peck holes through any material, including solid metal and concrete, and is intelligent enough to discover and exploit the weaknesses of any enclosure, making it impossible to keep in any cage.  Fortunately for us, it is tame enough that we typically don't need to.

G.L.A.S.S. first learned of this woodpecker when reports came in of a suburban town terrorized by mysterious tiny holes appearing in every solid surface.  The sighting of a woodpecker effortlessly pecking a hole in a car's windshield called our attention to the matter, and we were able to lure in and capture the woodpecker, whom a colleague later nicknamed the Jackhammer upon learning of its abilities (and, I suspect, reading one comic book too many).  The concurrent discovery of a depleted superpowium rock in a tree hollow served to confirm the obvious theory.
A Study of Superpowium
A mock study by a mock research group about a mock mineral, the whole concept of which is intended to mock a popular superhero origin story.  Mock mock, who's there?

Originally the superpowium-affected animal at the end was going to be a rabbit, not a woodpecker, but for some reason I decided the latter would be a bit more suitable.  For some reason I feel that the Jackhammer has unused potential, but I'm not entirely sure what for.

All involved concepts © me
Lately I've been catching myself grinning at humor I would prefer to dismiss as distasteful and/or unfunny.  I don't want to be the kind of person who finds those things funny...


United States

Other points of interest

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My FurAffinity profile page:…

RPs with lizardman22: 1 2 3 4
RP with ~Gigantlover20



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To answer your question, Interface. Your generalized work attracts anyone who finds it interesting. If you narrowed your interests into a few things, you'd only attract anyone with a shared interest in that subject.

For example, if you just wrote stories based around the Legend of Zelda games, you'd attract fans of those games. The same goes for any franchise regardless of whether it's popular or obscure. Given your preference to work in familiar and unfamiliar territories, the audience you tend to draw in reflects this.
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By the way, I've figured out how to export the xcf file into a png file. Yes, I am an immature little bast(urd)ard.
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