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A Perry the Platypus plush, two Pascals and a Weresonic? I'm not gonna ask. Anyways, on to the matter at hand. This piece has excellent...

Alright, I suppose it can't hurt to get back into the practice of writing these critique things. Let's see now. The composition of this...

Okay, this is my first-ever critique. I've never given or received one of these before, so stop me if I screw something up. I don't kno...

I don't critique much, but I still give more critiques than I receive. But those of you with premium memberships can fix that, right?

Wizard vs. Scientist -- who would win in a fight? 

7 deviants said Wizard
5 deviants said They wouldn't fight, they'd team up against someone or something else
3 deviants said Scientist
2 deviants said It'd be a draw



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Short Story (normal)
Self-explanatory.  Tell me exactly what you want, and you'll get it.  I'll write about just about anything, but be prepared to supply any reference materials I request.
Short Story (blind)
Like the normal Short Story commission, but with a twist: you're not allowed to specify a single detail about what you want.  I'll just do something I think you'll like.  Perfect for the indecisive.
Short Story (semi-blind)
The median between normal and blind.  You're allowed to specify one or two details-- the main character, or the theme, or perhaps even the title-- but that's it.
Got a fictional 'verse you're proud of, but that could use one or two more characters?  I'd be happy to make a character for it!  (Pictoral references not available; textual profiles only.)
I suppose I should voice my opinions on the various games announced for the Nintendo Switch.  This is not an all-inclusive list; it's just highlighting the games I was most interested in, in no particular order.  I've linked to the trailers of every game I mention.

1-2 Switch - I think my favorite part of this game is going to be the tutorial videos (see the Treehouse presentation, linked below, to see what those are like).  I'm not much of a socialite, so party games aren't quite my genre.

ARMS - I'm terrible at fighting games, so I'll probably steer clear of this one.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Although I'm a regular player of the Zelda series, I don't know if this one will appeal to me.  Open, guidance-free worlds are a bit of a turn-off for me, since I hate getting lost in games.

Sonic Mania - Although I definitely see myself adding this game to my collection, it bothers me slightly that the only way the Sonic series can please its fans is by going back to the basics and staying there.  Seriously, if automobile manufacturers had a fanbase like this, we'd still be seeing horses and buggies on the streets.

Super Bomberman R - Hopefully this release will convince the Konami-haters (of which there seem to be a lot, especially after Metal Gear Survive was announced!) to back off for a while.

Super Mario Odyssey - People are going crazy that Mario is actually visiting real-life or pseudo-real-life locations this time around.  I don't think it's that big a deal, but I do think it'll be a good game.  Incidentally, the city's name is New Donk City, and is filled with subtle Donkey Kong references.

Other useful links:
Official Nintendo Switch presentation
Nintendo Treehouse presentation, featuring some of the above games
Nintendo Switch Parental Controls video (watch it, it's hilarious)

Journal History


I'm currently trying to convince a crowd of strangers on the Internet that the new Apple AirPods aren't as bad as they think.

It's not going well.
My Workspace
A natural follow-up to showing the Internet what I look like is to show the Internet what my workspace looks like.

What you see here is an old sewing table I've converted into a computer desk.  I like to play with the foot pedal, and I've applied WD-40 in key locations so it doesn't squeak.  I like to fix problems like that in my own way.

As you can see, I use a MacBook Pro.  The empty space to the left of it is where I like to rest my iPad Mini when I'm not using it.  The books to the right are only there so that part of the desk is a more even surface, and yes, that's a coaster resting on them.  I like to eat at my desk, as opposed to downstairs with my family.

The black thing up above is the carrying case for a Steam controller I got during the sale last Christmas; the controller is in it.  Some games just can't be properly enjoyed on a keyboard.  The hook it's hanging on is an adhesive hook I bought and installed myself; I like those hooks because they're easy to install and don't leave holes.

You can also see a pair of stereo speakers I salvaged from who-knows-where (I've figured out how to set up the wires so I can record whatever's going to the audio output while also listening to it), as well as an open pack of chewing gum (I'm a frequent chewer, but strictly only the sugar-free stuff!).
In my pursuit of greater self-confidence and purpose, I've decided to do something I've never done before: show the Internet what I look like in real life.

Note the pencil behind my ear. I always wear it the same way: right ear, eraser end forward. I consider it my trademark, my functional accessory.

The gray T-shirt I'm wearing has the U.S. Mail logo on it. I got the shirt at a thrift store; I have no idea what its origins really are. I'm also wearing blue jeans and socks that are sort of gray-green; it's hard to judge the exact color. I later put on a dark gray sweater and brown laceless shoes.

I try to keep myself clean-shaven, but I prefer to let my facial hair grow out a bit before I shave it, so it's easier to find.
I suppose I should voice my opinions on the various games announced for the Nintendo Switch.  This is not an all-inclusive list; it's just highlighting the games I was most interested in, in no particular order.  I've linked to the trailers of every game I mention.

1-2 Switch - I think my favorite part of this game is going to be the tutorial videos (see the Treehouse presentation, linked below, to see what those are like).  I'm not much of a socialite, so party games aren't quite my genre.

ARMS - I'm terrible at fighting games, so I'll probably steer clear of this one.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Although I'm a regular player of the Zelda series, I don't know if this one will appeal to me.  Open, guidance-free worlds are a bit of a turn-off for me, since I hate getting lost in games.

Sonic Mania - Although I definitely see myself adding this game to my collection, it bothers me slightly that the only way the Sonic series can please its fans is by going back to the basics and staying there.  Seriously, if automobile manufacturers had a fanbase like this, we'd still be seeing horses and buggies on the streets.

Super Bomberman R - Hopefully this release will convince the Konami-haters (of which there seem to be a lot, especially after Metal Gear Survive was announced!) to back off for a while.

Super Mario Odyssey - People are going crazy that Mario is actually visiting real-life or pseudo-real-life locations this time around.  I don't think it's that big a deal, but I do think it'll be a good game.  Incidentally, the city's name is New Donk City, and is filled with subtle Donkey Kong references.

Other useful links:
Official Nintendo Switch presentation
Nintendo Treehouse presentation, featuring some of the above games
Nintendo Switch Parental Controls video (watch it, it's hilarious)
Well, I missed the Nintendo Switch presentation because it happened after I went to bed... but I'm sure other people's reaction journals will do a sufficient job of filling me in on the highlights.
With every generation, video game developers work to make their games more immersive.

Graphics and audio become more and more detailed, and more and more realistic.  As motion control evolves, gaming controls become more complex and truer to the corresponding real-life actions.  No longer do you just press a button to open a chest; now you actually lift the lid and push it back.


I wish they'd known when to stop.

My brother got the new RTR-Box for his birthday.  "RTR" stands for "realer-than-real", and is commonly pronounced "rotor" by fans.

Last week he started playing some survival horror game.  I think it was called Black Hole Island or something like that.  He invited me to play with him, but I'm more into retro gaming, so I said no.

Nobody has seen him in days, and for good reason: my brother's lost in the game.  And I don't mean he's addicted to it; I mean he's actually lost in the game world, unable to find his way back to reality.

What am I supposed to do?  Go in after him?  What if I got lost, too?
I think at some point this was a story concept.  But I don't think it's properly developed.
Happy/Merry whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year.
Lolocator and I get along quite well.  Cartoon physics and general cartoon zaniness are his areas of expertise (which I also dabble in), although I've also seen him play with the horror genre (which I don't).  He crafts his cartoon world with care and thought, qualities I admire; I've even been able to make contributions of my own.  Below is a story that takes place in his world, starring one of his characters, and heavily featuring his 'toonishness.


The movie theater was several miles out of town, but Tom Wool didn't mind the trip.  He figured he had earned a little break, and a movie seemed like a good way to spend an afternoon.

Upon arriving, the orange wolf perused the selection of films for a moment before deciding on Invasion of the Space Wolves from Planet G, a corny sci-fi flick that was pretty well described by its name.  He bought a ticket and some popcorn, and proceeded into the theater proper.

Many movie-goers were already in their seats as Tom sat down somewhere in the center.  His timing was uncanny; the pre-movie advertisements began to flash by right as he took his seat.

Soon, the opening credits of the movie began.  The first name was that of the film company behind the movie, Cheesy Studios.  Their logo consisted of a yellow cheese wheel with a slice missing, in the shape of a letter C (and a potential lawsuit from Namco); a 'toon mouse to the left nibbled at the edge of the wheel.

Although its corny plot suggested it was decades old, Invasion of the Space Wolves from Planet G had actually been produced earlier that year.  Cheesy Studios was known for using modern techniques to produce films with B-movie plots and values, not so much intentionally as because its staff wasn't too good at staying culturally current.  Luckily, the retro appeal was more than enough to keep them successful... but I digress.

The movie proper opened on a shot of a lonely country road, with a couple-- a male 'toon pheasant and a female cow-- walking beside it.

"You were right, Lily.  The countryside is lovely at this time of year."

"What can I say, Victor?  I know this area well.  Come with me, I know the perfect place to sit."

Victor and Lily chatted about their families and their possible future as they walked, finally arriving at a quaint clearing.  The sun was low in the sky, and the field was pristine undisturbed by anything urban.  The couple sat and admired the sunset.

"This is so wonderful, Lily.  I don't think anything could spoil this moment."

WHOOSH!  Something fast, maybe the size of a car, whizzed over the heads of Victor and Lily.  They both turned to look, just in time to see the thing slow to a stop in mid-air.

It was a classic flying saucer, chrome with a glass cockpit.  A light turned on underneath it, and two figures materialized out of thin air: two 'toon wolves, one male and neon green, the other female and bright pink.  They wore black latex uniforms, each bearing a planet symbol of multiple neon colors on the chest; the uniforms appeared identical to one another, implying that they were unisex.  One could only infer that these were two of the titular Space Wolves.

The green wolf spoke.  His words were in a gibberish alien language, but subtitles at the bottom of the movie screen provided a translation.  "[See any suitable wildlife, Pink-17?]"

"[I think we landed right next to some, Green-11,]" his pink companion replied, gesturing at the pheasant and cow who now shivered with fright.

"Wh-Who are you?" Lily demanded.  "What do you want?"

Ignoring the cow's pleas, the two wolves approached the couple and analyzed them with a pair of handheld scanners.

"[Positive on all counts,]" Green-11 declared.

"[Same,]" Pink-17 concurred.  "[We've found our specimens.  They're coming with us.]"

It was hard to mistake what came next: the pink wolf pulled out an electric taser and zapped Lily with it, causing her to convulse before dropping to the ground unconscious.  Victor's eyes went wide.

"LILY!  Oh, you two made a BIG mistake!"

The pheasant threw himself at the pink wolf and tried to wrestle the taser away from her, but the green wolf came up behind him with a taser of his own.  A second shock later, Victor was unconscious as well.

"[Mission accomplished,]" Green-11 remarked.  "[Let's bring them back home to Planet G.  The Queen will be pleased.]"

Fade to Green-11 and Pink-17 piloting their flying saucer through space before coming in for a landing on a multicolored planet.  The camera panned over a town populated with wolves of many different neon colors, each one wearing an identical latex uniform.  Then it settled on a large, palatial-looking building, where the saucer came in for a landing in some kind of shuttle bay.

Upon disembarking, Green-11 led the chained-up Victor and Lily out of sight while Pink-17 went another way, took off her uniform, and deposited it in a laundry hamper, on top of a pile of other uniforms.  (Notably, the camera didn't show her without her uniform.)


It was around then that Tom's immersion was broken by a tall 'toon bull sitting in the seat immediately in front of him, blocking his view.  For some reason the bull had some sort of wide cloth or ribbon tied taut between his horns, making it near-impossible for the wolf to see the movie screen.

All the seats appeared to be taken and the wolf didn't want to cause a scene, so having little choice, Tom gently tapped the bull on the shoulder.

"Excuse me?"

The bull turned his head.  "Whaddya want?  I'm trying to watch somethin' here."

"Actually, so am I... and you're blocking my view.  Could you maybe remove whatever's tied between your horns so I could see over you?  Please?"

"I ain't removin' nothin'."


"I gotta wear this band for religious reasons.  Someone gets on my nerves, I use it to make 'em see God.  Howzabout I demonstrate?"

Not giving the wolf a chance to articulate a response, the bull grabbed Tom with one hand, yanked him into his lap, and proceeded to crush him into a ball shape with his bare hands.  Then the bull placed the wolf-ball against the thing between his horns; it felt firm and stretchy, like a giant rubber band.

Then he pulled back, stretching the band way out like a slingshot... and let go.

Tom was helpless as he hurtled through the air, straight for the exit door.  He struck it directly, but seeing as how it was closed and didn't open outwards, he just bounced off.  Then he rebounded off the wall, then clipped the back of someone's seat and flew up high.  The poor wolf was spinning so rapidly from the bounce that he could no longer tell which way he was flying... and wouldn't you know it, he was headed straight for the movie screen.

WHUMP!  Tom finally landed in what felt like a laundry hamper, finally popping back to his normal shape as he did.  Still dazed from the trip, he sat up to catch his breath, not immediately noticing that he was now inexplicably wearing one of the Space Wolf uniforms the hamper had been filled with.

"Naran sekadoo!" came a voice nearby.  "Sok pwiksa tal sombaha te vakasi!"

Tom went wide-eyed as he realized a rose-colored female Space Wolf was standing right in front of him, and she looked angry.  The orange wolf blinked as he tried to process this turn of events.

Wait, how did I get from the movie theater to... oh.  I landed IN the movie, didn't I?  This is just--


The rose wolf yanked Tom out of the hamper and just about dragged him along.  She eventually relinquished her grip, letting the orange wolf follow on his own.

"Su xa kono sal Toroho Waksi poro skasi yek?" she asked him on the way.  Tom hesitated, not having a clue what she was saying without being able to see the movie subtitles.  He desperately tried to remember the alien gibberish he'd heard before and what it translated to, and tried to form a coherent response.

"Er... tu kasi sama riksa vakse?" Tom replied, in the best imitation of alien-speak he could muster.  This elicited laughter from the movie's audience, as the subtitles had translated his response as "owl cheese tastes like scented videotapes".  The rose wolf, meanwhile, slapped Tom across the face and muttered something that sounded like a mixture of anger and annoyance.


Hundreds, maybe thousands of Space Wolves had gathered in a large auditorium-like area.  Tom and the rose wolf that'd led him to the site blended in perfectly among them.  Thankfully, during the waiting period he'd figured out a way to stream the movie's subtitles to his smartphone, so he'd have translations for anything said in the wolves' alien language.  Through this he'd learned that his new identity was apparently "Orange-17".

At least there's nobody blocking my view this time.  Okay, I've gotta think; Tom-Tech recently began research into this very phenomenon.  If a 'toon winds up inside a movie or other work of fiction by any means... darn it, I can't remember what that report said.  The wolves have been treating me as one of them, so I'm guessing that as far as the movie is concerned, I was part of the cast the whole time?  Or something like that...

"[All bow before Her Majesty, the Alpha of the Space Wolves, Queen Purple-01!]" a voice announced.  The wolves bowed in a wave from front to back, Tom catching on in time to join them without seeming conspicuous.  When everyone stood again, a royal purple wolf with black hair tied in a bun, carrying a golden scepter and wearing a pendant with the Space Wolf insignia (the aforementioned multicolored planet) on it, was out on stage.

"[My subjects,]" the figure that could only have been Queen Purple-01 began, "[I'm sure you all have been aware of our planetary food shortage as of late.  Our farms are under-staffed and under-stocked, and it's estimated that if nothing changes, we will all be dead of starvation in a mere century.  Our only hope is to find a new source of food on another planet.  Which, as of today, we have!]"

Cheers erupted.

"[The royal scientist, Professor White-05, will explain further,]" the Queen explained, before stepping aside to allow another wolf-- a professional-looking wolf with white fur, wearing a pair of safety glasses-- to take center stage.

"[Good evening, everyone.  Earlier today a scout team collected a pair of specimens from a planet that, according to our scans, is teeming with life.  Scans suggest they are biologically suitable for food production.]"

White-05 gestured, and two other space wolves brought in two operating tables on wheels, each with someone chained to it.  Tom's eyes widened as he recognized the captives as the abducted couple from the beginning of the movie (as if there was any chance that they weren't).

"[I'm sure you remember the Foodifier from our last conference,]" the white wolf continued, holding up a futuristic ray gun.  "[By means of molecular rearrangement and excitement, it instantly transforms any compatible livestock into a suitable meal.  So when I use it on our specimens here...]"

The professor first turned to Victor, who was by now desperately and futilely struggling to get free.  He took aim and fired a beam of strange light; Tom watched in horror as the pheasant's body collapsed in on itself in a peculiar way before taking the appearance of a delicious-looking pheasant roast, cooked and ready to eat.  The rest of the wolves cheered.

"VICTOR!" Lily exclaimed in horror.  She pleaded for her life up until White-05 approached her and shot her as well, turning her into a fine beef steak.  The wolf put the Foodifier away and used a knife and fork to cut a slice out of the steak before taking a bite.  More cheers erupted from the crowd.

"[An excellent demonstration, White-05,]" Queen Purple-01 remarked as she stepped forwards again.  "[In light of this display, I have made my decision.  Tomorrow, we shall invade this prosperous planet and claim its resources as our own.  Any creatures unsuitable as a food source, we can enslave to run our farms.  Such is my decree.  FOR PLANET G!]"

"[FOR PLANET G!]" the wolves concurred, pumping their fists in the air.  Tom pretended to join them, but there was one thing that was now very clear to him.  Something that gave him cause for worry, because it had the potential to spell his doom.

The Space Wolves, whose ranks he was now a part of, were the movie's villains.

Which was problematic because, in B-movies like this one, the villains ALWAYS lose in the end.
Cinema Catastrophe -Toon- -1000-
This is one of four stories written as gifts for the four deviants I consider myself closest to, to celebrate my 1000th deviation.
Trivia: This story was the first of the four that I actually finished.  Both this story and Christmas in Relic Fields were written by filling in bits and pieces here and there before gradually "stitching them together".

Tom, related © :iconlolocator:
Tmaneea and I have a curious relationship.  He used to produce 'toon art and literature-- in fact, I think he was the one who really got me into the genre, and was a huge inspiration to me at the time-- but at some point he shifted to superhero comics.  I couldn't quite make that genre transition along with him, so I took a new role as a "theory junkie", predicting future plot events in his work based on tropes and clues.

Overall T has obviously given me significantly more inspiration than I've given him over the years, but whatever-- different people are inspired by different things, and I can't be everyone's muse.  I've done significantly less for him than for others since his genre shift, but the occasional story does slip through my keyboard.  I care a lot about whether or not T considers my fan-work to be true to his canon, a goal I can't always meet reliably.


The first snow of the season had already whitened the streets of Relic Fields, and people all over town had begun preparing for Christmas.  All the archaeological dig sites had shut down for a week or two so the workers could spend time with their families, and holiday decorations appeared in every store window.  Catherine Brewster was completely tied up with her day job, arranging the details of one Christmas get-together after another.

"...yes, I know!  But I've already got five other parties to work out the details of, and I don't know if I can squeeze you in, plus I've got a family of my own to worry about...  It's the Christmas season!  What do you THINK?  ...Okay, okay!  Give me time, though... Edward!  Bring me another cup of coffee!  And some aspirin!  Ugh, I hate the holidays..."

In the town square, a large Christmas tree stood.  Benny Brewster in his SaberCat persona had done a lot of the work getting it there, and since then had spent a lot of his time helping to decorate it.  Today, with the help of a construction crane, he put the star on the top.  Cheers erupted from below as the tree's decoration finally reached completion.

But not all was jolly.  Somewhere in a subterranean cave, the reptilian tyrant Elixio studied the scene through a crystal ball.  Upon observing the beginning of this strange ritual known as "Christmas", he and his underlings had begun gathering intel on it.  Thankfully, an encyclopedia stolen from a bookstore had filled in most of the blanks.

This holiday, when humans give and receive gifts and kindness... if I were to sabotage this celebration, it would be a huge blow to their morale.  But it won't work if I just get rid of their decorations; they'll just put up more or make do without.  I'll need a strategy that strikes at the very core of the holiday... and I think I know just what to do.


The social media feeds Catherine had on watch seemed to explode all at once.  At first she didn't notice because she was buried in her work, but when people started calling tearfully to cancel their plans, she began to realize that something was worthy of her attention.

A quick skim revealed the details: Santa Claus himself had apparently landed in the town square, denounced the whole population as naughty, and claimed they didn't deserve to celebrate Christmas.  This sounded anything but normal, and apparently several people had recorded the event on their phones.

"Benny, come quick-- you should see this."

As soon as her son was by her side, Catherine clicked onto one of the videos and played it.  It started with a shot of Santa's sleigh, reindeer and all, flying through the air.  The camera shook as whoever was holding it struggled to keep them within the frame.

Then the sleigh turned, and came towards the camera.  The person recording stepped back as the sleigh came in for a landing in the town square, right beside the Christmas tree.  As soon as it came to a stop, Santa climbed out of the sleigh and addressed the crowd.

"Ho, ho, ho!  Good afternoon, citizens of Relic Fields.  It is I, Santa Claus, St. Nick, Father Christmas, whatever your name for me is.  It is my duty to reward the nice and punish the naughty, and I am here a few days early to make an announcement.  All of you, every single human being in Relic Fields, you are ALL NAUGHTY!"

Gasps and exclamations came from the audience as Santa continued.  "In all my years separating the naughty from the nice, I have never seen such a hotbed of naughtiness as I have here!  This town deserves a meteor to come down from space and wipe it clean off the face of the planet!  None of you deserve to celebrate Christmas this year, or any year at all!  Don't even bother hanging up your stockings; there's not enough coal in the world for me to fill them!"

Santa gestured dramatically at the Christmas tree, and suddenly the whole tree began to topple over.  People screamed and dove out of the way as the tree impacted the street.  During the subsequent chaos the phone recording the event was dropped, and the recording ended.

Catherine and Benny exchanged glances.  "So, which do you think is more likely," the former asked, "that every single person in Relic Fields has somehow become so ill-behaved that Santa himself had to come and tell us how naughty we were, despite the lack of any supporting evidence, or that this is an impostor in need of a SaberCat punch?"

"Got the message.  I'm heading out there to deal some damage.  I guess heroes don't get the holidays off."

"*grumble*... you can say that again..."


SaberCat arrived on the scene just a second too late, as Santa had already taken off in his sleigh.  But he wasn't ready to give up just yet.  Seeing the crowds pointing him in the right direction, he sprinted after.  Soon he was running down the streets, the sleigh immediately above him.


Santa peered over the side of his sleigh.  "I've already passed judgment, mammal-- I mean cat!  No amount of bargaining can change how a person has behaved!"

SaberCat's eyes widened as he realized what that slip of the tongue implied.


"What about him?"

"I should have known you were the one behind this!  Come down here and fight like a reptile!"

"I think not!  I--"

"Ho ho ho!  What have we here?"

Both Santa and SaberCat turned their attention to the new party on the scene: a second flying sleigh, also pulled by eight reindeer, and occupied by a second Santa Claus.  The new sleigh flew in and took a flight path parallel to the first.

"Although it's not usually my policy to leave the North Pole except to make my Christmas Eve deliveries, I can't just stand by and let someone impersonate me to try to ruin Christmas for an innocent town."

"SANTA!" the feline down below exclaimed, a smile spreading across his face.  The real Santa Claus had arrived on the scene!

"I'm Santa, you copycat!" the first Santa exclaimed, glaring at his double.  "Get out of my airspace!"

"You're calling ME a copycat?  Reindeer, ram them!"

The second Santa's sleigh drifted to the side and struck the first sleigh hard, throwing the first Santa off balance.  He hit the other side of his sleigh-- and something interesting happened.  The image of the first Santa and his sleigh seemed to dissolve, and change dramatically.  What had once been a sleigh, eight reindeer, and Santa Claus were now, respectively, a war chariot, eight Torzackian pterosaurs, and Elixio himself.

"Drat!" Elixio blurted out.  "That hit must've disrupted my illusion spell."

"I will not let you ruin Christmas and get away with it!" the real Santa bellowed.  He whistled, and the reindeer moved close to attack.  A reindeer bit a Torzackian's wing, another Torzackian retaliated with a sonic screech, and the two parties became tangled in a brief battle.  Both sleigh and chariot crashed to the ground as their "engines" became severely tangled together; to boot, all sixteen of them seemed to have been knocked out cold by the impact.

"This is all your fault, old man!" Elixio growled as he climbed out of his wrecked chariot.  "If you hadn't shown up when you had, I would've gotten clean away!"

"What are you blaming me for?  You were the one who started this whole mess by trying to impersonate me!"

Finally reaching the two and catching his breath, SaberCat stood up straight and poised himself for an attack, aiming to knock Elixio's lights out.


"Excuse me," came a professional-sounding voice from nearby.  SaberCat turned his head, and found himself looking at a man in a clean blue suit, holding a briefcase.  How he'd gotten there was anyone's guess.

"I'm an attorney representing Marvel Comics.  The phrase you just uttered was a direct infringement of copyrYAAAH!"

Sabers backhanded the lawyer, knocking him far out of sight, before returning his attention to Santa and Elixio.  Or rather... Santa and Santa.  Elixio's illusion spell had at some point reactivated, returning his Santa disguise.  They had both moved, so SaberCat had no way of seeing which was which.

"Er... which one of you is Santa and which is Elixio?"

"I'm Santa Claus.  He's Elixio," one said.

"No, I'M Santa and HE'S Elixio," the other protested.  "Punch him!"

"No, by all means you should punch him!"

Darn it... "Come over here, both of you; I want to get a good look at you."

Both Santas approached the giant feline.  SaberCat looked them both up and down, but could see no helpful differences between them.

Let's see... I could quiz both of them on the fundamentals of Christmas... I could put them both through tests that the real Santa would have no trouble overcoming... I could ask about whether random people are naughty or nice... or I could just punch them both and let the real Santa's fat absorb the blow.  Yeah, let's do that last one.

Dashing forwards, SaberCat threw both fists forwards in unison, hitting both Santas in the stomach.  One staggered back a few feet, but seemed unharmed.  The other was sent flying, suddenly flashing from red and white to purple when a distance away, before vanishing altogether.  SaberCat rushed after him, but could find no trace of where Elixio had landed.

"...Problem solved, I guess?  Let's head back to the square."


Somehow, SaberCat and Santa managed to untangle Santa's reindeer and wake them up.  Together they all headed back to the town square, where a crowd still waited.

"Ho ho ho!  Citizens of Relic Fields," Santa began, "the Santa Claus that addressed you earlier today was a cold-hearted impostor.  I am the real Santa Claus, and I can assure you that this town is not on my naughty list.  Well, maybe a few of you are, but the town as a whole definitely isn't."

"It's true," SaberCat concurred, casually lifting and pushing the Christmas tree back to its upright position.  (Elixio had knocked it over in the first place with a strategically-positioned small Quaker soldier, counting on the fact that everyone's attention would be on him.)  "The impostor was none other than my old purple nemesis, looking to demorilaze the-- to demolarize-- to demarolize-- to make everyone unhappy."

"I apologize for all the trouble my impersonator has caused.  To get everyone's moods back up for the holiday, I myself shall arrange for a town-wide Christmas party in Relic Fields's shopping mall on the evening of Christmas Day.  I'll handle all the details, so don't anyone worry about a thing."

Cheers and gossip erupted throughout Relic Fields at this promise.  But perhaps the one person most pleased with the news was Catherine Brewster; with everyone attending Santa's bash, nobody would be hosting parties of their own, which meant no more holiday rush.  Besides that, she'd already made a pretty penny in cancellation fees.  She exhaled deeply and sat back in her chair.

Ah... maybe the holidays aren't so bad after all.


Elixio sulked in his lair as he nursed his bruises.  He thanked himself for having the foresight to have a teleportation spell prepared to whisk him back home; he didn't even want to think about how much of a hard time he would've had otherwise.


A familiar voice caused the reptile to jolt.  One of his underlings was standing at the door, holding something Elixio couldn't quite see from his angle.

"What is it?" Elixio demanded to know.

"Someone left this outside, Master.  I think it was intended for you."

"Leave it on the floor in here and I'll deal with it."

The underling put the object down before leaving quietly.  It was a wrapped box, smaller than a shoebox but larger than a jewelry box... obviously one of those "presents" involved in the Christmas celebrations.  The wrapping was green with a white snowflake pattern, and a red ribbon looped around it, while also securing a red envelope to the top of the box.  A notation had been made on the top of the envelope, in black marker.

To: Elixio
From: Santa

How did he know to leave this thing here?!  ...probably the same way he knew I was trying to impersonate him.

His curiosity piqued, Elixio removed the envelope and ripped it open, revealing a Christmas greeting card.  The front featured a picture of Santa in his sleigh, waving as he flew over a town on a moonlit night.  Elixio opened the card, revealing a handwritten message inside.

Although it is my duty to reward the nice and punish the naughty (isn't that how you put it?), I'm well aware that charity always means the most to those who never receive it.  And sometimes, all it takes is one act of kindness to change someone's view of the world completely.  So I'm breaking policy just this once.  Think of this as a free sample of what comes to those who make peace with their fellow man, instead of waging war over petty differences.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Signed, Santa Claus

Elixio scoffed.  A human, a mammal, was trying to earn his favor through bribery?  He wanted to throw that gaudily wrapped box into a lava pool without granting it the dignity of being opened, and yet something stopped him.  Something in the back of his mind told him he at least needed to humor the gift before dismissing it so hastily.

The ribbon fell.  The wrapping paper ripped apart.  The box opened up.

The present was a portable music player, royal purple in color, earphones and charging cable included.  The man in the red suit had even pre-loaded it with several music albums for Elixio's listening pleasure.

St. Nick's Hand-Picked Christmas Classics... the DJ Piper Collection... Time-Traveling Tunes: Music Throughout the Ages... the UNDERTALE soundtrack... Muahahahaha!: A Compilation of Villain Songs?  Is he trying to tell me something?

A long silence fell over the room as Elixio tried to categorize this turn of events.  The Santa Claus of human folklore had given him something.  And it was something of actual value to him, something he would want.  But how could he accept the fact that a famous human had been genuinely kind to him?

Aaaargh!  I can't think about this.  I need a distraction.  And I suppose I have one at hand.

Setting the music player on "shuffle all", Elixio sat back to listen... only to realize that he had no idea how to use the earphones.
Christmas in Relic Fields -1000-
This is one of four stories written as gifts for the four deviants I consider myself closest to, to celebrate my 1000th deviation.
Trivia: The scene at the end, with Elixio and the music player, was the first scene I wrote for this particular story.  The story was written rather out of order!

Most named characters © :icontmaneea:
lizardman22 is, hands down, the one person on DA that I consider myself closest to.  We perform so many trades and collabs, I have a separate folder in my favorites just for his work.  He's acknowledged me explicitly as his muse (or at least one of his muses), inspiring and challenging him in many ways on many occasions.  I've been close with other artists in similar ways over the years, but 22 has hung around.

He specializes in Sonic art, but mainly as a baseline for his own well-developed world full of dozens of characters.  Others, including myself, have contributed characters and the like to his world from time to time.

I can't say much about Gigantlover20; although he and 22 are close to one another, Gigant and I are fairly distant.  Still, we have our interactions every now and then.  On one occasion I analyzed Gigant's tastes and attempted to design a character in imitation of the sort of character he would come up with; the result was Nancy Deuce, and Gigant has acknowledged it as successful in that purpose.

This story features a small circle of characters shared between 22 and Gigant.


Tika let out a contented sigh as she opened the front door of her house and proceeded inside, putting her bag down.  Being in her element, among all the books and volumes in the Grand Library of Eza, was always pleasant to her, but so too was spending quality time with her family.

"Nali-Tol!  Girls!  I'm home!"

Almost immediately, one of her daughters, Nali-Tik, burst into the room.  "Hi, Mum!" she cheered.  "You're home early!"

Tika smiled.  "I suppose I am.  I wanted to stay late, but the library wasn't busy today and I ran out of things to do.  Where's your sister?"

"She's busy with my other Mum.  Nali-Tol's teaching her some magic today."

Exactly on cue, Tika's wife Nali-Tol walked in, followed by their other daughter Bliss.  "Welcome home, honey," the former greeted her.  "I just finished teaching Bliss a magic spell that's supposed to make you more beautiful.  Go stand in front of the mirror and she'll try it out."

Tika took her position in front of the full-length mirror in the hallway.  She was wearing her traditional yellow-and-blue Island Kingdom outfit; it was relatively plain, but practical.  She wondered how differently she'd look once this beauty spell was done.

Bliss stepped up beside Tika, took a deep breath, and began twirling her arms and reciting a chant.  At first nothing seemed to happen, but then a tiny pulse of light started to appear between her hands.  Then it shot into Tika's body, and for a second, all was enveloped in blinding white light.

When the light faded, Tika slowly opened her eyes.  She felt... odd.  Her tail felt rigid and inflexible, her legs felt curiously strong, her whole body felt oddly warm, and she had a sensation just below her belly that she couldn't even categorize.  She looked at herself again in the mirror, and double-taked.

The first thing she noticed were her new ears, poking out on either side of her cap.  Her nose looked different, too.  Following her reflection by eye down from there, she stopped at her midriff, noting a crease in her skin that hadn't been there before, visible through the triangular gap in her clothes.  Feeling it, she discovered that it opened up, like a pocket.  What's more, her scales felt like fur.

Her clothes and natural body colors had not been altered, but many details about her had become different.  Tika had become a warm-blooded creature with semi-long ears, strong legs and tail, and a pouch.  And she could think of one animal that matched that description...

"...A kangaroo.  I'm a Mobian kangaroo!"

Nali-Tol blushed.  "I guess when you're casting a spell for the first time, you're bound to make a mistake or two.  I can come up with a reversal spell, but it could take a few days."

The whiptail-turned-kangaroo took a careful step, then another.  Her new strong legs were difficult to walk with; she kept worrying that her next step would throw her face-first into the wall.  Seeing her difficulty, Nali-Tol took her hand.

"Take your time.  Get used to your new body.  You can do it."


Both mothers looked down.  Bliss was standing between them, eying Tika's new pouch.

"Mum, can you... carry me in your pouch?"

Tika smiled.  "I don't see why not.  Can you climb in?"

"I'll try..."

Bliss grasped the rim of Tika's pouch and pulled, stretching it out.  Cautiously she put one foot in, then the other, as Tika grasped the wall to steady herself.  Soon the child was in, peeking out of her mother's pouch from the waist up.  Tika rubbed her chin.

"It's a start, Bliss, but I'm afraid you might fall out."

Bliss just grinned.  Taking a breath to focus her magic, she began to shrink, soon disappearing completely into Tika's pouch as she sank beneath the rim.  She stopped at that size, curling up inside her mother's pouch to sleep.  Smiling, the kangaroo turned her attention to her wife.

"She's gotten used to my new body already.  I hope I can.  I don't even know if I can walk."

"I'm sure you'll adapt in no time."


Throughout the next several days, Tika got used to being a kangaroo.  She learned to walk and to hop, and familiarized herself with the other quirks of her new body.  Then she resumed her old life, greeting Peri at the pier, working at the Library, and of course spending time with her family.  Her colleagues and her sister reacted with confusion to her new look, but quickly accepted it.  She even had a local seamstress craft her a "pouch liner" so she could store books and other objects in her pouch without them getting wet or damaged.

Almost every day, Bliss wanted to tuck herself away in Tika's pouch.  The experience had a lot in common with her old love of being in between someone's breasts: a safe and warm place to hide from the world, with nearby bodily sounds (albeit stomach gurgles instead of a heartbeat, but the effect was the same) to calm her.  In fact, this felt even nicer somehow.

A few weeks passed, and the kangaroo barely even thought about becoming a whiptail again-- until she came home from work one day and happened to look at herself in the mirror again.  And it finally occurred to her.

"...Nali-Tol?  Did you ever figure out how to return me to normal?"

Nali-Tol was already by her side.  "I thought you'd never ask.  Did you want to be turned back now?"

"Yes... yes, I think so."

Tika emptied her pouch at her wife's direction, then stood in front of the mirror again.  The Komodo dragon waved one hand, and a flash of light blinded Tika for a moment.  When she could see again, the figure of a normal Mobian whiptail looked back at her in the mirror.

Cautiously Tika took a step, then another.  She'd gotten so used to being a kangaroo that her old body almost felt alien to her.

"I suppose I should tell you a little secret," Nali-Tol suddenly said.  "I knew the reversal spell the whole time.  And you getting turned into a kangaroo was no accident; Bliss and I staged the whole thing.  We figured you'd like it."

Tika was at a loss for words for a few seconds, but finally spoke.

"...You're right, Nali-Tol.  I did like it.  It was a nice change of pace.  Feel free to do it again anytime."

The two hugged.
A Pouch of Magic -1000-
This is one of four stories written as gifts for the four deviants I consider myself closest to, to celebrate my 1000th deviation.
Trivia: I probably have a pouch fetish.  I don't consider it a coincidence that I was searching FurAffinity for "pouch" prior to getting the idea for this story!

All named characters are @ :iconlizardman22: and/or :icongigantlover20:


United States

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