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A Perry the Platypus plush, two Pascals and a Weresonic? I'm not gonna ask. Anyways, on to the matter at hand. This piece has excellent...

Alright, I suppose it can't hurt to get back into the practice of writing these critique things. Let's see now. The composition of this...

Okay, this is my first-ever critique. I've never given or received one of these before, so stop me if I screw something up. I don't kno...

I don't critique much, but I still give more critiques than I receive. But those of you with premium memberships can fix that, right?

Wizard vs. Scientist -- who would win in a fight? 

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Short Story (normal)
Self-explanatory.  Tell me exactly what you want, and you'll get it.  I'll write about just about anything, but be prepared to supply any reference materials I request.
Short Story (blind)
Like the normal Short Story commission, but with a twist: you're not allowed to specify a single detail about what you want.  I'll just do something I think you'll like.  Perfect for the indecisive.
Short Story (semi-blind)
The median between normal and blind.  You're allowed to specify one or two details-- the main character, or the theme, or perhaps even the title-- but that's it.
Got a fictional 'verse you're proud of, but that could use one or two more characters?  I'd be happy to make a character for it!  (Pictoral references not available; textual profiles only.)
The muse is the source of inspiration for an author or artist.  And I am definitely more of a muse than an author or artist.

I find it easier to generate ideas for others than to generate them for myself... or at least, to put up the effort to develop those ideas for myself.  Almost every idea that's reached my DA gallery was crafted for a particular purpose, usually involving the characters or concepts of another.  I've actually been referred to as a muse by at least one artist, and I've explicitly given others ideas that they've used on many occasions.

Just look at my gallery as of late; at least half of my recent work has been for or at least involving the concepts of others.  And the rest is either unnoteworthy or was still created with specific others in mind.  (As an example of the latter: the Snowbirds were actually specifically designed for the purpose of storming 22's Valley of Venom.  I'm having trouble picturing them doing anything else.)

Obviously, being a muse isn't necessarily a bad thing.  The artist and the muse are like the head and shaft of a spear; neither is of much use without the other.  But no fan ever wanted their book to be autographed by the author's muse (unless perhaps that muse was a cat or dog).

Is that my life?  Doing all my work in the shadows while those I help get the glory?  I don't think anybody wants that.

...Changing the subject...

I've got an idea of what to do for my 1,000th deviation: some sort of joint gift for the members of DA that I'm the closest with.  Something to honor my role as a muse for others.  But the details are still blurry.

Journal History


The muse is the source of inspiration for an author or artist.  And I am definitely more of a muse than an author or artist.

I find it easier to generate ideas for others than to generate them for myself... or at least, to put up the effort to develop those ideas for myself.  Almost every idea that's reached my DA gallery was crafted for a particular purpose, usually involving the characters or concepts of another.  I've actually been referred to as a muse by at least one artist, and I've explicitly given others ideas that they've used on many occasions.

Just look at my gallery as of late; at least half of my recent work has been for or at least involving the concepts of others.  And the rest is either unnoteworthy or was still created with specific others in mind.  (As an example of the latter: the Snowbirds were actually specifically designed for the purpose of storming 22's Valley of Venom.  I'm having trouble picturing them doing anything else.)

Obviously, being a muse isn't necessarily a bad thing.  The artist and the muse are like the head and shaft of a spear; neither is of much use without the other.  But no fan ever wanted their book to be autographed by the author's muse (unless perhaps that muse was a cat or dog).

Is that my life?  Doing all my work in the shadows while those I help get the glory?  I don't think anybody wants that.

...Changing the subject...

I've got an idea of what to do for my 1,000th deviation: some sort of joint gift for the members of DA that I'm the closest with.  Something to honor my role as a muse for others.  But the details are still blurry.
99 deviations
One of the reasons the Valley of Venom was so devastated by the Snowbirds' attack was that its residents had made next to no preparations for the accompanying winter weather.

Due to its tropical climate, the Valley never saw snow under normal circumstances.  It got chilly sometimes, but nothing worse than a typical autumn day.  Thus, very few residents owned things like space heaters and blankets, and the buildings were not constructed with near- or sub-zero temperatures in mind.

Daphne Starr was lucky in a sense.  She'd been at work in her café's kitchen when the snowstorm hit, which meant she at least had a source of heat.  The oven was on and hot, and the blue-tongued lizard shivered even as she huddled beside it.  Briefly she considered climbing into the oven altogether just for the extra heat, but she banished the thought.

Standing up for a moment, Daphne glanced out the window.  The snowfall was blanketing the village in white, almost picturesquely so.

It's kind of beautiful, actually.  I wonder if Rosa would be interested in painting a winter landscape.

The lizard's mood soured instantly, though, as one of the Snowbirds walked by, reminding her all too well of why the Valley was snow-covered in the first place.  A snow leopard by the looks of things, he stopped and glanced around uneasily, as if suspecting that something was amiss.

What happened next was much more of a surprise.  A female dressed in ninja garb appeared out of nowhere and struck the leopard in the back of the head with a high kick, sending him to the ground.  The following THUD suggested that he'd collapsed against the wall of the café.

Still in a bit of shock over that happenstance, the blue-tongued lizard stared at the ninja, trying to make sense of the situation... and caught a glimpse of her eyes.  Eyes she'd seen before.

N-No way... that's... it couldn't be...

The ninja turned her head and happened to make eye contact with Daphne, and both their eyes widened.  For several seconds, the two remained still and silent.  Then the ninja darted into the kitchen through the back door, closing it behind her-- the door remained open for a fraction of a second.  Daphne struggled to form words.

"Y... you... you're..."

The figure nodded silently, then removed her hood-- revealing the face of a female hedgehog Daphne definitely recognized.


Linda was the operator of the local orphanage.  She and Daphne knew each other well, due to the latter being one of the best chefs in the Valley and the former needing plenty of food for the orphanage's residents.  But the sight of the hedgehog in ninja garb was one the lizard had never expected to see.

"You... Linda... I didn't know you were..."

"Promise me you won't tell anyone.  This is... let's just say this is a side of me that I would prefer nobody knew about, for my own reasons."

"My lips are sealed.  But stay for a moment and warm up, won't you?  I've got hot tea in the kettle."

Daphne had brewed the tea for herself, but there was enough for two.  The two chatted about their respective occupations and lives as Linda sat at the table and sipped from her mug.  Meanwhile, Daphne milled about the kitchen with a new purpose, preparing something.

"...I was prepared for a busy day today, but for obvious reasons I haven't gotten a single customer since the snow began to fall.  Not even the invaders have decided to stop in.  How about you, Linda?  How are the orphans taking the cold?"

"They're bundled up as well as possible, but there's so little that can be done.  The orphanage isn't built for this weather, and we couldn't maintain a fire.  I just want this freak winter to be over, for their sake more than my own."

"We all do, Linda.  We all do."

Moments later, Daphne handed Linda two insulated thermoses full of something hot, as well as a bag of marshmallows.

"Freshly made hot chocolate to keep the kids warm," the lizard explained.  "Put the marshmallows in the mugs first; I recommend six per mug.  You can return the empty thermoses to me whenever."

"Thank you very much, Daphne.  I'll go back and drop these off.  Goodbye."

"Bye, Linda.  Thanks for visiting.  I don't know what you're up to, but I wish you luck with it."

And with that, the hedgehog was gone, the back door again opening and closing so quickly Daphne could barely see.  Taking her position in front of the oven again, Daphne smiled.  This unexpected encounter had filled her mind with many thoughts, but above all else it gave her hope.  After all, she knew now that at least one person was free to move about and was doing something to help others.  She was sure, more so now than before, that the Valley of Venom would survive this freak winter and return to its original warmth, no matter how long it took...
The Chef and the Ninja
When I wrote The Day the Valley Fell, an original story about my people the Snowbirds (reference) conquering lizardman22's Valley of Venom, I apparently set off something of a chain reaction.  First 22 responded with Winter's End, a sequel about the Valley getting taken back.  This wasn't so surprising, but then Gigantlover20 jumped in with his own contribution to the event.  And reading Gigant's story made something click in my own mind, and I ended up writing this.

I hope everyone's in character in this story.  I didn't check any character profiles while writing it.

Snowbirds, etc. © me
Valley of Venom, etc. © :iconlizardman22:
Linda © :icongigantlover20:
"That man is the worst possible choice for President.  He's got my vote!"
--Absolutely no one, ever
Who are the Snowbirds?
The Snowbirds are an independent military clan consisting of Mobian species native to icy environments.  They travel the world, looking for new territories to conquer for themselves.  They do not take sides; any territory is as eligible for conquest as any other.  They owe their success to their mastery of ice magic, specialized mostly towards creating winter weather in environments where it would not naturally occur.  (More on that later.)

Although long ago the Snowbirds consisted entirely of, well, birds native to snowy environments, they began to enlist other species as time went by.  Despite the diversification, the name has stuck around, as has their logo: a light blue snow owl silhouette flying to the right, its wings out, against a white background.  This logo is proudly worn by the Snowbirds' authority figures.

The Snowbirds' ice magic
The Snowbirds use a variety of different forms of ice magic, wielded by trained "snow mages", in various forms.  They include:
Passive chill - Snow mages can chill the environment around them.  This is weaker than the other forms of magic, but is still useful for keeping the Snowbirds comfortable when on the move.
Control - When the weather is already snowy, snow mages can "command" the ice and snow around them.  They can steer the snow to fall where they want it to fall, or freeze huge chunks of ice out of the air (or around objects or people!).  This is what they do in battle.
Snow cannon - A standard fireworks cannon loaded with a specially enchanted "snow firework".  When the firework explodes, it creates a blizzard over the area it exploded over.  Usually used to give themselves the advantage before they attack.
Snow obelisk - A magical obelisk a story high, usually carved out of ice; putting your tongue on one of these is not advised under any circumstances.  Sustains permanent winter weather in the area it's planted in, in a radius the size of a city block; larger areas require multiple obelisks.  Usually used to sustain the winter environment in a conquered area.

Sample figures of the Snowbirds:

Colonel John Snow VII
Gender: M
Species: Snow owl
Position: Leader

"A single snowflake is a laughable threat; it is smaller than an insect, and would melt on your tongue.  But snowflakes always come in great numbers, and in those numbers they are capable of obstructing traffic or burying people.  We must be like snowflakes, using our numbers to accomplish things that would be nigh impossible by ourselves."
The latest in a line of John Snows, the Colonel is a charismatic leader in charge of the Snowbirds both on and off the battlefield.  Despite his name, he actually knows a darn lot; he's fairly smart with military tactics and tries to have a strategy for every likely situation and even a few unlikely ones.  He's a bit of a poet, too.

He is one of the few Snowbirds with ancestry with the original clan, back before they diversified.  Unlike many Mobian birds, he has proper wings and is capable of flying.  His wings are mounted on his arms, fanning out to a wide wingspan.  He often flies overhead during battle, giving orders and heads-ups to his soldiers.

Paradoxically, he considers it bad karma to take a Mobian life under any circumstances, and so refuses to allow the Snowbirds to do so unless absolutely necessary.  Enemies of the Snowbirds may be exiled, taken prisoner, or even frozen in ice, but never killed.

Maxine Cicle (pronounced "sickle")
Gender: F
Species: Emperor penguin
Position: Head chef

"Jerry, you're stirring too high-- make sure that spoon reaches the bottom of the pot or it'll get thick on the bottom!  Oliver!  Is the oven ready?  ...Yes, perfect!  Keep it at that temperature!  Janet, how's the..."
An army marches on its stomach, and nobody knows that better than Maxine.  She's the head chef of the Snowbirds, and she and her subordinates are in charge of keeping the army well-fed.  She commands her subordinates in the kitchen with every bit as much authority and attentiveness as Colonel Snow commands the Snowbird army-- and perhaps more.  Although she can work with just about any suitable ingredients, her favorite is fresh fish.

Eliza Shivers
Gender: F
Species: Arctic fox
Position: Snow mage

"The snow mages are the most important members of the Snowbirds.  It is thanks to us that we always live and fight in our element, and that our enemies are blinded by the snow when it is most important.  I have never forgotten that, nor should any other Snowbird."
Eliza is one of the magic-users of the Snowbirds, capable of making winter weather bend to her will.  She's well aware of how important she and the other snow mages are to the Snowbirds, and to that end she practices every category of her magic thoroughly.

When she has time to kill, Eliza dabbles in landscape painting.  She's fantastic with winter landscapes, but considers the vibrant colors of the other seasons to be gaudy and overwhelming.

Horace Freon
Gender: M
Species: Polar bear
Position: Warrior

"It's always the same outcome.  I see them before they see me, and then SPLAT!  Snowball to the head before they have any idea what's coming."
Horace has a lot of natural muscle, and puts it to good use fighting for the Snowbirds.  He's a crack shot with a snowball, capable of hitting any target to stun, blind, or distract them so they'll be open for capture.  He works closely with the snow mages, as it's cooperation with them that enables proper victory in battle.

In his spare time, Horace likes to sculpt ice.  Give him a hammer and ice chisel, as well as a big enough block of ice, and he can make just about any shape.
The Snowbirds - A Crash Course
A bio of the Snowbirds, the group that besieged the Valley of Venom in The Day the Valley Fell.  I suspect that there's more that can be done with them, but I'm still not sure what.

The Snowbirds © me
"No, we're not attacking at night.  At that time of day, everyone's going to be indoors and sheltered from the weather.  We'll attack at midday, when people are out and about.  They're reptiles, which means they do poorly in the cold.  We've got the elemental advantage; we can't throw it away."


It began as just another day at the Valley of Venom.  Everyone was going about their business: Daphne was preparing various lunch specialties, Cynthia was practically glued to her sewing machine, and Marybeth was engaging in a bit of gymnastics.

Hisspan had chosen to sunbathe for a spell on the roof of a random building.  Of course, as a cobra, she couldn't actually tan, but she still loved the feeling of the warm sunshine on her scales.

Ahh... I could just lie here all day.  It's just so wonderful.


A noise from some distance got Hisspan's attention, and she sat up and looked around.  It wasn't hard for her to see the strange white sphere hurtling through the sky above the Valley.  Judging by the voices, other people had noticed it as well, and come out to see.

Immediately above the center of the village, the sphere exploded, spreading white clouds across the air.  At the same time, a tangible chill fell over the entire Valley.  Noticing the cold sapping her energy, Hisspan pushed herself to her feet, jumped off the roof, and rushed to get indoors-- which she did just as the first flakes of a fresh snowstorm touched the ground.

It didn't take long for the snow to pick up.  The roads and rooftops of the Valley quickly turned white, and bodies of water froze over from the cold.  But the weather, as it turned out, wasn't the only thing the residents had to worry about.

Just outside the Valley, a sizeable army of winter-habitat Mobians had gathered, around the cannon the earlier snow bomb had been fired from.  Their leader, an intelligent-looking snow owl, flew up to the caldera rim and peered across the village.  This was Colonel John Snow VII, leader of the Snowbirds.

"Everyone's taking cover.  Invade and start planting obelisks, but don't go indoors-- let them come to you.  Mages, raise the stairs!"

"Yes, Colonel!" came several voices.

At the front lines, several figures raised their arms in unison, chilling the air in a particular manner.  A second later, the humidity in the air had frozen into a wide staircase made of ice, leading from the ground up to the caldera rim.

"CHARGE!" Colonel Snow commanded, and the response was immediate.  Polar bears, Arctic foxes, and many other species rushed up the stairs and jumped over the rim, using the snow to cushion their falls.  Soon they were spreading out throughout the Valley, taking strategic positions while the citizens huddled indoors, unable to do anything in response.

The mages paused at particular spots and raised their arms, and the snow crystallized into ice in tall columns.  A faint glow pulsed through each of these ice obelisks, suggesting their magical nature.  The snowstorm above seemed to gain a bit more life for each obelisk created.

Wolfen Down gritted his teeth as he watched the invaders from an alley.  All hell had broken loose along with that snowstorm, and it looked like he was one of the few people in a position to do something about it.

Hmm... those ice pillars look important.  If they're setting them up for any good reason, I should probably bring them down.

As soon as the local force seemed to have moved on, Wolven darted out of hiding, took a breath to focus, and slammed his Infinity Gauntlet-clad fist into the pillar.  A small explosion of energy vaporized a chunk of the pillar, causing everything above it to lose its stability and topple.  The gray wolf moved aside so he wouldn't be crushed by the ice.

Before Wolfen could finish catching his breath, a snowball flew out of nowhere and hit him in the side of the head.

What in the...?

A polar bear, one of the invaders, had come back, attracted by the noise.  He was armed with packed snow and ready to throw it.  Wolfen wouldn't tolerate this, and focused before teleporting up into the bear's face for direct fisticuffs.

The wolf and bear tangled, grappling for the advantage; neither could quite overcome the other.  But the falling snow always seemed to go directly into Wolfen's eyes while not hindering the bear.  A chance mistake, and Wolfen took a punch in the face, sending him reeling.  Before he could recover, one of the mages had stepped up and made a gesture, and the wolf was encased in an irregularly shaped block of ice, immobile and imprisoned.

"How rude," the snow mage muttered.  "Better re-erect the obelisk."


On the other side of the Valley, the VDF had barricaded itself inside its headquarters and was firing at will from the windows, trying to pick off whoever they could.  The Snowbirds took notice quickly, and one of the mages directed a blast of snow-filled wind straight in through the window.  This advantage was immediately pressed, the mage attempting to fill the room with snow and cold air every time the window was opened.

The VDF was forced to relent for a moment, and the Snowbirds seized the opportunity and had the windows frozen shut.  The other doors and windows were quickly frozen and blocked as well, trapping the officers inside without any ability to intervene.

The rest of the takeover went similarly.  The Valley's reptilian population was unable to put up a fight in the cold the Snowbirds surrounded themselves with, and the non-reptiles were severely outnumbered.  Several fled via the Valley's caldera tunnels; the Snowbirds couldn't follow, so they did the next best thing and sealed off the tunnel entrances with snow and ice.  Those that made it out wouldn't be able to get back in.

Soon it was over.  The Snowbirds had taken over the Valley, driving out or incapacitating all its inhabitants (but killing none).  Those that hadn't joined the battle were imprisoned in their own homes, or whatever buildings they had been taking shelter in at the time.

Thus ended the era of the Valley of Venom, and thus began the era of the Valley of Snow.
The Day the Valley Fell
Something I've been planning to write for a couple weeks now.  I had trouble working on this idea because I kept losing faith in it, but somehow I got my second wind.

I wonder if lizardman22 would be interested in writing a pseudo-sequel to this story in which the Valley is successfully defended from the Snowbirds, or taken back from them afterwards.  *nudge* *nudge*

I'll be publishing a bio of the Snowbirds shortly, because I get the feeling this won't be the last thing anyone does with them.

Valley of Venom, etc. © :iconlizardman22:
Snowbirds, etc. © me
Jasmine Vex examined the large, wide-necked ceramic pot in front of her.  According to a new doctrine by the Pharaoh, the more flexible of the slaves-- including herself-- were to sleep inside these pots instead of regular bunks, to save on space.  The cobra didn't mind; the pot actually looked rather comfortable.

Slowly, taking care not to knock it over, Jasmine stepped into the pot, one leg at a time.  Then she sank down, coiling herself up in the pot's interior.  Shortly after that, someone covered the opening with a piece of cloth and tied it there with twine, trapping her inside the pot.

Jasmine didn't mind; she was already drifting off to sleep.


Kumult finished tying up the last ceramic pot.  All the pots were now occupied by slaves and ready to go, and it was now up to him to transport the pots to other locations.  (The openings were covered so the slaves wouldn't be able to escape or steal anything during the night.)

Crouching, the asp lifted up Jasmine's pot and carried it out of the room.  The cobra was special; she deserved a special place to sleep.  And Kumult knew just the place.

The door to the Pharaoh's treasury was guarded, but the guards stepped aside as Kumult approached.  Gently the asp set the pot on a ledge, between a golden gauntlet and a jeweled egg sculpture, before leaving to find places to put the other slaves.


In her dreams, Jasmine found herself floating in a dark purple void.  She could move, she could look around, but she had no idea why she was there.

"Jasmine," a voice called out.

A figure suddenly faded into existence in front of the cobra, that of a jackal with strange golden wings.  Most of her face was covered by a golden mask that even obscured her eyes, and although her left hand was bare, her right hand was covered by a gauntlet.

Jasmine gasped as she thought she recognized the figure.  "Lord Anubis!  ...or... Lady Anubis?"

"Call me whichever you like, Jasmine.  Gender means nothing to a god."

Anubis deliberately elected to let Jasmine believe what she wanted to believe, as the truth would just over-complicate the situation.

"To what do I owe the honor of your presence, Lord Anubis?" Jasmine inquired, kneeling as best she could without a floor.

Sensing her difficulty, Anubis made a gesture, and both figures found themselves on an invisible floor in the void.

"Let's just say the circumstances were just right for it.  And your faith in the gods is very strong; if anyone deserves a visit from one of us, it is you."

Anubis stepped closer to the kneeling cobra and put a hand on her forehead, and Jasmine felt a soothing energy flow into her body.  Moments later, the jackal withdrew her hand and stepped back.

"You may rise, Jasmine."

Jasmine slowly pushed herself to her feet, not breaking eye contact with Anubis.

"I have just granted you a blessing," Anubis continued.  "Less than a week hence, you will find yourself in mortal danger.  At that time, but not until then, the worth of my blessing will make itself known."

"Thank you very much, Lord Anubis," the cobra replied, closing her eyes and bowing.

"All I ask in return is that you maintain your faith.  The gods will support you, Jasmine, as long as you believe in them."

"You and the other gods shall always have my faith, Lord Anubis."

"Then it is now that I take my leave.  But I shall always be watching over you.  See you some other time, Jasmine."

"See you some other time... Lord Anubis."

A smile crossed Jasmine's face as Anubis faded from sight.


The sun rose on the Egyptian sands.  Kumult had already brought all the sleeping pots outside.  He hadn't told anyone, not even the Pharaoh, where Jasmine had spent the night; that was his own little secret.  He was already working on untying the cloths and exposing their occupants to the outside world once more.

One by one, the slaves that had been sleeping inside the pots rose out of them; Jasmine was somewhere in the middle.  Once they were all awake and ready, Kumult cleared his throat.

"I'm glad everyone got a good night's sleep with the new arrangements.  Here are the duties the Pharaoh has assigned for today..."
Visited by a God -Trade-
My first art trade with lizardman22 in a while.  I blame school for keeping me stressed and busy.

He asked me to do something with his character Anubis.  I think it was the detail about her existing in all of time and space that made things click.

An earlier draft of this story had Anubis pose as a genie in a lamp for Jasmine to find, but I quickly decided that wouldn't work.  The part about the ceramic pots was an idea I'd had some time ago but never done anything with; I imagined a series of vignettes about said pots becoming a fad in the Valley... oh well.

Most named characters © :iconlizardman22:
Jasmine is © me
Step 1: Get an idea.  Believe your hiatus is finally over.
Step 2: Start writing.
Step 3: Lose interest and delete the whole thing.
Step 4: Wait a while, then start again from step 1.
I have a big homework assignment due Friday, in a class I'm struggling in. It's half done, and my work so far is saved on my laptop.

A little over two hours ago, my laptop started acting funny and then refused to start up. Turns out the hard drive is going bad and needs to be replaced. The data transfer and installation are taking place now, and I have no idea what data will make it and what won't.

And people tell me I'm too anxious.
Have you ever had one of those days when writing or drawing just doesn't feel like it's worth the effort?

I've gotten to the point where those days are the rule, not the exception.


United States

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RPs with lizardman22: 1 2 3 4
RP with ~Gigantlover20



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Once again, I am honored for you taking the time to comment on my story!
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pinkiepiefan37 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015
Hey I posted the comment why didn't you see it
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JacobA1997 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015
Hey man, are you doing okay?
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JacobA1997 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
Hey interface how are you doing?
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JacobA1997 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 30, 2015
Interface, this is the real apology. I'm truly sorry for all the negative things I've said to you and I didn't mean any of it.

I'm sorry for hating you
I'm sorry for cussing at you
I'm sorry for yelling at you
and... *begins to cry*
I'm sorry for being the worst friend to you

and what you said to me to go soak my head in battery acid, I hope you didn't mean to say that. 

I'm truly sorry interface
I'm truly sorry :'( :'( :'(

please reply to this message :'(
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